Monday, December 21, 2009

Inviting the Savage Over

Back when Pierce was being potty trained, we discovered that he did not react well to red food coloring. We were bribing him with those little fruit chews, most of which had red food coloring, and he became a little beast. Tantrums to beat all tantrums. After some online research (and some self-imposed time outs for myself) I discovered this whole thing about the red food coloring. We took him off it and wouldn't you know, he went back to his usual self.
So needless to say, making red velvet cupcakes probably isn't my brightest idea. But they just scream Christmas. That rich red color, the white snowy frosting. I debated making them without the red food coloring, but it just wouldn't be the same.
So I took a huge leap and poured the whole bottle of red food coloring in, as directed by the recipe. I'm soooo gonna pay for this.
After mixing the batter, I suddenly remembered that my mom had given me my grandmother's Kitchen Aid mixer. I'd never used it. I'm not very good with figuring out how to use new things....even things that were designed back in the late 80s. So it took me a few minutes to get oriented. But soon enough I was mixing cream cheese frosting. Now I know my grandmother made cream cheese frosting in this mixer before. She was a southern cook, and she put cream cheese frosting on everything. :-)

Can you stand it? These are some yummy looking cupcakes!
Look at Pierce. So peaceful. So angelic. So loading up on red food coloring. Let the savagery begin.
Red food coloring, flowing through the veins. I am in for it.
Enjoying every last bit of evil-invoking goodness.

Relish your nap now, Boukie, because about 4:00 this afternoon we are all going to be very, very sorry. What have I done???


Anonymous said...

Remember LinLin's Indiana Chocolate Cake with cream cheese frosting? She used to make that cake twice a week. In your mixer. :-)
Maybe it will be worth the tantrums. Redvelvet is soooooooooooooooo good!

Anonymous said...

Miss LinLin so much especially Christmas time. She loved to cook for her family. I know her daughter-in-law can make her rolls just as good as her's and now I can see her granddaughter has the love of cooking she had. Why was all this not passed along to her daughter?

Love Pam