Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A Sense of Wonder

Sometimes in your life you stumble upon a place so magical that you are struck with a sense of wonder.

Last weekend we took a hike to a place called The Channels.  It was almost three hours of driving, a portion of it far off the beaten path, to get there.  But I had discovered an article about this hidden gem a month ago and knew we had to make the trip.

Three miles of well maintained trail, all up, to get to these slot canyons.  We saw an abundance of wildflowers the whole way, and barely any other hikers.  You know you are almost there when you reach the old fire tower.

I cannot begin to describe how fabulous The Channels were.  It didn't feel like Virginia.  It felt like the American Southwest.
The rock formations go on and on.  You can explore for hours.  The twins were deep into crevices, but I stayed in more habitable areas.

I have to say, this is one of my most favorite places, my most favorite hikes, that I've found in Virginia.

As for Pierce and Paul, they explored a little.  But they spent much of the time trying to get a SOTA contact on the portable ham radio at the summit.
I hope everyone is having a marvelous spring, and enjoying their own sense of wonder in nature.