Friday, December 30, 2011

A Blustery Day at the Zoo

The Monday after Christmas we decided to get out of the house for some fresh air, and headed to the zoo.  It was chilly - about 40* with a breeze, but we wore heavy jackets and it wasn't too bad.  Certain little boys had cold hands, due to their refusal to wear gloves, but they managed.
 I didn't take any pictures of the animals this time, since I've blogged on the animals of the zoo so many times before.  Instead, I took a bunch of playground photos.  We always save the playground for last.
 The monkeys (animals, not my boys) were making some funny noises this day.  The boys were all impressed, and proceeded to make monkey noises off and on the rest of the day.
 My favorite animal, the Pallas Cat, was MIA again.  What a bummer.  He's the cutest little furry animal. 
 On a brighter note, we got to see the otters being fed, and they were so playful dragging big branches of bamboo about and rolling and wrestling with each other and the bamboo.
 Come to think of it - my three aren't all that different from the otters, are they?

 We hit a second playground before heading out to grab some lunch.  This one is a more natural playground with rocks, logs, and fossils to climb on.  Reid didn't fall off the log, by the way, but he did look kinda tipsy, huh?

 On the top of this rock mass is a huge, slick, and very fast slide.  It's for bigger kids, so we have to watch Pierce carefully as he climbs it, and the twins are allowed to do this one yet.
Pierce is really getting to where he can hold his own though!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Life According to Books I Read in 2011

Every year Christine over at The Happily Ever After does a fun link up of questions you answer using books you read in the past year.  I read 82 books in 2011, and was excited to answer this year's questions.

1.  Describe yourself:  Bold Spirit
2.  How do you feel?  Borderline.  Okay, not really, but I couldn't resist this one  ;-)
3.  Describe where you currently live.  Fun Home
4.  If you could go anywhere, where would you go?  The Forgotten Garden
5.  Your favorite form of transportation?  Night Road
6.  Your best friend is: Distant Shores
7.  You and your friends are: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
8.  What's the weather like?  The Winter of Our Disconnect
9.  What is life to you?  A New Earth
10.  Favorite time of day?  The Ten Year Nap
11.  Your Fear?  The Sanctuary of Outcasts
12.  What is the best advice you have to give?  Go Green, Live Rich
13.  Thought for the day?  Walking in Circles Before Lying Down
14.  How I would like to die: Salvation City
15.  My soul's present condition:  Run to Overcome

If you're interested in my answers to questions last year, you can find them here.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap

 On Christmas Eve, after spending the day with family, we drove by our favorite secret spot for lights on the way home.  It's way down the backroads - crazy curves and all.  But it's become a tradition each year.

After the lights, we sprinkled the reindeer food out in the yard that Pierce had made at school - oats mixed with red glitter, so the reindeer would know we were here.  I suspect the chickens appreciated it the next morning too.

We left cookies for Santa - chocolate peanut butter chip - with a glass of milk.  Pierce said Santa needed four cookies.  Note that all of the ornaments had disappeared off the bottom of the tree...

Turns out Santa really did come!  I caught him taking a nap on our couch after setting up the toys! (You can do this with the website if you're interested). 

Cort was very impressed to see proof on Christmas morning that Santa had taken a nap right on the couch...

And the toy that was the biggest hit?  The Playdoh Factory.  All 3 boys adore it.
Indeed, the boys loved everything they received, and the only disappointment at our house was the fact that it didn't snow on Christmas.  Pierce is still asking about it.  "Mom, but WHYYYYYY didn't it snow on Christmas?!?"  Apparently, this is hard to understand when you're five.
Hope your families all had a great holiday!
And many thanks to our family and friends that helped make this holiday special for us!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

$30 Giveaway to Fashion to Figure!

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Disclaimer - I have not tried any products from the site, but thought they looked cute.  I was not compensated in any way for this giveaway; I'm offering it because I thought it would be of interest to my readers.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pierce in the Stars - Muffin Tin Monday

It's Muffin Tin Monday again!  I have a little bento I did for Pierce to share today.
Clementine orange slices in a mushroom tin, Cheeze-Its in a heart tin, an elephant with a few chocolate chips for dessert, a turtle pick with green olives, and a cheese sandwich spelling Pierce with pepperoni stars.  I think he liked this one - it came back without leftovers!
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

We've had an exciting month, full of festivities here with the boys.  We've watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 4,389 times.  And we've watched my favorite, Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas 2 times.  Mommy got the short end of the stick this year.  

We filled the house with the smells of Christmas by making applesauce cinnamon ornaments.
 Pierce really had fun with ornament making, even though he was disappointed they weren't edible.
 They did make nice little gifts for family and teachers though.
 We also made peanut butter kiss cookies and decorated sugar cookies.  Those were edible.  And Pierce had a fun time attending the Winter Wonderland festival at his school and chatting it up with Santa.  His first question being, "Is your sleigh up on the roof of the school?"  Five year olds ask tricky questions.

Cort and Reid had their own Christmas program.  During which they sang songs.  Cort got really into it.  Reid tried to run away and was chased down by a teacher.

At least they waited until after the program to pump them full of sugar.

From our family here at Two Bears Farm, wishing you and yours a very Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

As a kid, I had a lot of happy Christmases.  When I was 5 I got a tiny little bird's nest with eggs that I could hold in one hand.  When I was 7 we got an Atari, complete with Pacman.  When I was 8 or so, I got a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine.  When I was 9 or 10, I got this thing called the Animator (that I had wanted for ages!).  All little material things that made me so happy as a kid.  But none of those could touch the magic of the gift I got when I was 13.  A gift that wasn't even a surprise - I'd gone myself to pick it out and be fitted.  At Dominion Saddlery I'd swung my leg over saddle after saddle, settling in to feel the fit and decide if it was right.  We couldn't afford the esteemed Crosby saddles, but I hoped to find one that was well made and comfortable. I finally found one that was just right, by a newer brand called Collegiate.  It was an all-purpose saddle - perfect for hunters, jumpers, eventing or lower level dressage.  In a dark chocolate brown, I breathed in the sweetness of leather as I ran my hand gently over the perfectly sloped soft back.  After six years of intense horseback riding the day had finally come that I was going to have my own saddle.  My parents let me pick out stirrups and leathers to match, and saddle soaps, sponges, and this magical oil called Hydrophane.  And then, all that was left, was to wait for Christmas.

On Christmas morning while my brother demolished the living room with his various Star Wars characters, I lovingly applied coat after coat of Hydrophane to my new saddle, watching in awe as the leather drank in each drop of oil, darkening from the moisture.  The smell of the leather was more beautiful than gingerbread men or sugar plums or pine trees that year.  I ran the stirrups up and down, I sat in the saddle over the arm of the couch.  And finally, we took the saddle out to the barn to put it on my horse, Chico.  No longer would I have to borrow the beat up, ancient and cracked-leathered schooling saddles.  Finally, I had my Collegiate to place in my tack locker. 
 The saddle was a perfect fit for me.  Over the years, it went to more hunter shows than I can count.  It went on trail rides and cross country eventing.  When it came time to leave for college, my saddle traveled with me, still supple from the oils I'd applied, still lovingly tended and polished.  In Texas, even though my friends rode Western, I stuck with my Collegiate, a second skin to my riding - without my saddle I felt unbalanced and uneasy.  The Collegiate rode in parades and through gravel pits, it was witness to rattlesnakes and broken ribs and on one occasion an attack by hundreds of angry swarming bees.  And after each ride, it was tended and oiled and properly stored away.  Toward the end of college, it again traveled to a few horse shows, and once even went to the beach.

When the sojourn in Texas came to an end, the Collegiate returned to its roots in Virginia, a little more scratched (a certain wayward horse tried to take a bite out of it), the threading a little more worn.  But still it was loved and cherished.  And still, it came out of the tack shed for rides - sometimes through the mountains, sometimes for lessons, but mostly just for rambles about the arena.

The Collegiate is still in use today.  Although I have a dressage saddle, and a Western saddle (from my Texas days - they made me!), the Collegiate All Purpose is still my saddle of choice.  I can't think of any other gift I've received that was so dearly loved and still holding strong, some 23 years later.

What was your most memorable gift?

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Bet

I guess this is one of those posts where I own up to less than stellar parenting skills.  Because I'm pretty sure teaching your 5 year old to bet ranks pretty high on the whole "Parenting Don'ts" list.  But yeah, Pierce and I have a bet, and I'm pretty confident I'm going to win this one.  If I don't....well....I'll be eating snow.

The bet is that if we get 12 inches of snow sometime this winter I'll be serving the family snow ice cream....for dinner.  I'm feeling pretty smug though.  Virginia doesn't get that much snow very often.  Plus, the highly scientific methods of wooly caterpillar analysis (how much black does he have in the middle?) and the Farmer's Almanac are both predicting a mild winter for my region.  In addition, I watched my squirrels packing away nuts for the winter.  Their stash isn't all that impressive...

Go ahead and root for the cute 5 year old to win.  You know you want to.  It won't hurt my feelings.  Much.  Please don't let it snow, please don't let it snow, please don't let it snow....

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Hidden Costs of Cloth Diapers

I've loved doing cloth diapers with the boys.  Even though it has been a lot of work.  There are conflicting accounts as to the reduction of carbon footprint by use of cloth diapers, but hopefully I've done good things on that end.

The initial investment in cloth diapers was daunting, but thanks to the help of several family members it was manageable.  And I took comfort knowing that over time, it would be cheaper than disposable diapers.

And then the dryer broke, a year after toiling to dry cloth diapers on a mostly daily basis.  It was 14 years old, though, purchased shortly after Paul and I married.  So we purchased a new dryer.  A month or so after that, the sump pump broke, and the basement flooded.  The sump pump was only 5 years old.  A shady plumber was hired who double billed us, and resulted in a complaint being filed with the Better Business Bureau and a lot of stress on my part.  Finally, that was resolved.  And Paul purchased a new sump pump and installed it.  And I was back in business with my cloth diapers.  And then.  Last week?  The washer stopped spinning.  The motor made a noise.  You know the type.  A noise indicating life was expiring.  And so, we purchased the washer to match our fairly new dryer.  Now we have a complete set again.  And now I know that cloth diapers?  Well, not so cost-effective after all.

On a brighter note, I now have an energy efficient washer.  And I suspect potty training is in the very, very near future.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

All About Snowmen on Muffin Tin Monday

Our last Muffin Tin Monday before Christmas!  This time I got out our snowmen tin.
Pierce had an assortment of baby carrots, raisins, and vanilla chips for making snowmen.  He had a chocolate mousse parfait (which he had to save for last), potato salad (you know what they say about yellow snow...maybe that's why Pierce wouldn't eat it?), ketchup for dipping, green beans, and dinosaur chicken nuggets.  The little snowman pick in the mousse came as a set of cupcake toppers from Dollar Tree.
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Friday, December 16, 2011

$25 Gift Cards to Maggiano's Little Italy - 3 Winners! Giveaway!

I've actually never eaten at Maggiano's.  Like Trader Joe's and REI, Maggiano's is another good thing that seems to be missing from my region.  It's a 3 hour drive to either Durham or Richmond for the nearest branch.  But they seem to be all over, as you can see from the map I found on Google -
I bet their food is good.  In the google images I saw, the food looks amazing.  You really can't go wrong with Italian.  So when my twitter buddy, Sonia, from LogAllot said that she'd love to sponsor a giveaway on Two Bears Farm and asked if I'd be interested, I jumped on the chance to give away some gift certificates to my readers.   She's very nice and I hope you'll take a moment to check out her website.  

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Disclaimer - Sonia told me she'd send 4 gift cards and for me to keep one for myself - so I hope at some point I cross paths with a Maggiano's and get to try the food for myself.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Complaining about Stinkbugs

If you've been around my blog for a while, you know that I am always immersed in a losing battle with the Virginia stinkbug population, which is multiplying by hoards every 30 seconds or so.  Unfortunately, they don't have natural predators here, and they have an armour that protects them.  So they are very difficult to kill.  I've designed those homemade traps to catch them, but it can't put a dent in our problem.  And every three months, I pay exorbitant prices so that Terminex can come out and tell me that there isn't much they can do about them, as we duck from little flying stinkbugs buzzing around overhead.

Last week the Terminex man showed up by surprise, a new fellow who had just relocated from Seattle.  Perhaps because he was new, and hadn't entered the usual resignation in the face of stinkbug infestation that is so common, he was much more enthusiastic than anyone I'd seen so far.  I told him that the brunt of our issue is in the master bathroom.  He went upstairs and was up there for a rather long time - so long I started to wonder what exactly he was doing.  Finally, he came back down energized and excited. 

"I've found where the stinkbugs are hiding!" he exclaimed.
"Oh really?" I say, wary, wondering how dirty this mystery area could be, and hoping I didn't leave any underwear lying on the floor.
"Yes, under the tub!"

This guy actually opened the doors under our tub and got in there to spray.  That's dedication folks!  He finished his duties with the usual spray around windows and doors (we don't do any granules because of our chickens) and was on his way.

An hour later, I went upstairs for something and stopped dead in my tracks when I went into the bathroom and saw this:
 Stinkbugs in the death throes, by the dozens.  On every surface.  Crawling out of crevices, in the tub, in the shower, all over the floor, climbing the walls.  My first impulse was to go load the boys in the car and drive north to a climate that is too cold for stinkbugs.  But then common sense prevailed and I got out the vacuum.

How many stinkbugs have you flicked today, reader?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yes, My Darling Daughter - Book Review

You all know I'm a big reader, and after recently finishing my favorite book out of the 76 I've read so far in 2011, I decided I would do a review.  Because this book is so excellent - and it isn't at all the type I'd have picked to read in the store.  The title isn't very appealing to me.  And neither was the cover (to me, it looked a little outdated, although the book was published in 2009).  But don't let that deter you - because Yes, My Darling Daughter by Margaret Leroy is an absolute must-read!  The reason I picked it up is because I read a review of it in my annual book calendar, in which Leroy's writing was compared to Daphne Du Maurier.  And as I read a summary of the book, I was intrigued by the story line.  It's a gothic, and I do love a good gothic.  Let me tell you something - last time I read a gothic this good (with not even an ounce of cheesiness to be found) was when I was 12 years old and read Touch Not the Cat by Mary Stewart. 
Here's what makes this book so unusual though.  In addition to being set in modern day, it has the mom factor.  And I mean reality mom.  There's no glossing over.  This is a mom (Grace) pouring her heart out, worrying herself to death over her child.  She's single and working in a flower shop in London, with very little support.  And her child, Sylvie, is four years old and starting to regress into these horrendous tantrums in which she screams with such terror and persistence that she often vomits and repulses all others.  Soon, friends start recommending psychiatric evaluations, and here poor Grace is struggling just to put food on the table each week.  When Sylvie gets kicked out of the nursery for her uncontrollable behavior, Grace is certain to lose her job if she can't find another place that will take Sylvie.  It's all one big train-wreck of motherhood and written so beautifully, so heart-wrenchingly, so lyrically, that you long to step into the book and take over.  To make things better. 

Meanwhile, Sylvie sees a picture from a magazine of a male model on a coastline.  She declares that this is where she is from.  That she lived there.  Other puzzling tidbits occur - Sylvie's declaring that she lived in another house, a nicer house than theirs.  Her refusal to call her mother Mum, instead calling her Grace.  Her increasing nightmares, and her sheer terror of water, particularly on her face.

Grace, in desperation, seeks out a psychology professor who researches children who may have psychic abilities or might have experienced past lives.  And although Grace's few supportive friends are against it (in fact, they think she's crazy), she decides to take a trip with him and Sylvie to Coldharbour, Scotland, to visit the place that Sylvie claims she has lived before.  What exactly is her mysterious connection to this coastline? 

That's all I'm going to tell you, because if you're interested, I don't want there to be any spoilers.  But you'll get your intriguing cottages, your stormy weather, your creepy cliffs in this read.  For two days, I got nothing done while I read this book.  It's fantastic.  If you like gothic style, you would love this book.  Check it out!

Disclaimer - I'm reviewing this book because I loved it, and thought I'd share the joy of reading it.  I didn't receive anything for doing so.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Festivities

Well, yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  And I've got pictures to prove it.  We put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving.  My Mom gave us several of these cute ornament balls - made by my great aunt June. 

And remember that review I did for Children Inspire Designs a few months back?  Well our little bird ornament finally found his rightful place on our tree:

And since the tree went up, the twins have been deconstructing it 24/7.  I can't keep ornaments on the tree!  It's a good thing I left most of the ornaments in storage!

There are ornament roundups everyday.  I've found them in all sorts of places.  Just think - if you were going for a ride and an angel was at the wheel, you'd have nothing to worry about....

Even Baby Jesus ventured away from his nativity to get out for a stroll.  Luckily, his benefactor made sure he was well buckled in.  

Cort and Reid made gingerbread houses at preschool.  I attended the party, and worked in vain to try to get candies on the houses before the twins ate them all.  Reid managed to participate in applying candy a bit (after thoroughly stuffing his mouth first) but Cort just ate everything and didn't do much decorating.  Obviously, this was a great time.

And finally, this was the year that I was going to skip out on making truffles.  I was over it!  And then I called my grandmother one day to chat, and she said, "You're bringing me some of your truffles this year, right???". a matter of fact, I am bringing you truffles dear grandmother.  And so, I proceeded to make 4 batches.  Peanut butter, chocolate, berry, and mint.

I have to admit - they do look so cute once packaged into little truffle boxes.  If you'd like to know how to make them, you can check out my tutorial for oreo truffles here .  They are easy to make, but slightly time consuming.  For the berry flavor this year, I used the new ice cream berry flavored Oreos.  They are actually pretty decent! 
Well, reader, what have you been doing to get ready?  Are you immersed in decorations and baking too?

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Holiday Bento on Muffin Tin Monday

I had so much fun with last week's holiday bento, that I decided to pull out another one.  This was a lunch packed in Pierce's two tiered froggy bento box:
3 Oreos, orange slices in a 'present' muffin cup, raisins, pepperoni on a gingerbread pick, cheesy star sandwich with carrot santa hat.  Really loving the eyeball picks I found on final Halloween clearance - they certainly make food fun!

In other news, yesterday was my 2 year blogiversary!  Hard to believe I've been going now for 2 years.  It's been fun, and I've enjoyed 'meeting' so many blogging friends.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Reid is in Da House

You know what I love about 2 year olds?  How egocentric they are.  It's what earns them the 'terrible twos' moniker, and I find it oftentimes hilarious and endearing.

A couple of months ago Reid starting referring to himself in third person.  Nothing warms my heart more than a toddler referring to himself in third person.  Nothing, that is, except for a toddler referring to himself in third person as though he is, in fact, The Only Person On Earth.  That's right folks, The Reid is in da house.  It's not just Reid anymore.  It's The Reid.  He's titled.  Next thing you know, he'll be knighted.

The Reid want cookies!
The Reid NO WANT dinner!
The Reid want play with trains!
The Reid make house!

The Reid is now signing copies of his official, licensed novelty poster for tweens across the nation.  To order yours, just call 1-800-THE-REID.  Viking warrior helmet not included.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Elf on the Shelf is Defunct!

Like just about everyone else with kids under the age of 18, we started the Elf on the Shelf tradition last year.  Only we seem to have gotten a bad elf.  The legend says that the elf is supposed to fly to the North Pole every evening to report to Santa, and then return before daylight in a new location.  Our elf, Tulley?  Downright lazy.  In fact, he doesn't seem to bother flying to the North Pole half the time.  And then I get a lot of questions when a certain 5 year old wakes up to find Tulley in the same spot as the night before.

Mom, why is Tulley still there?
Uhhhhhh....maybe he has a cold.  Yes, he couldn't fly to the North Pole last night because he was sick and needed to rest.  See how his cheeks look a little flushed?
Is he okay?!?!  Mom, how will he get up there if he's sick?!
Well, I'm sure Santa will send him some magic to make him feel better.
But if Santa can send him magic why didn't he go see Santa last night?

No good, low-lying elf.  See what he is putting me through?  Just this ONE LITTLE THING.  Is it too much to ask the he remember to relocate each evening?   
Preferably not in places so high that involve throwing missiles the next evening to get him down....

Ah, that's better.  Watch out Tulley.  If you don't stop loafing on the job, we may have to return you for a new elf.  I've heard elf competition is pretty stiff these days!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Those Unhygienic Hunters (Rant)

Okay, so I'm not big on hunting.  But I can respect those who do so responsibly.  Who shoot animals to feed their family.  Who follow the laws of the state where they reside honorably.  Who use extreme caution in the handling of firearms.

BUT.  I hate hunting season.  Aside from the fact that every year some irresponsible, drunk hunter ends up shooting some innocent walker in the woods (oftentimes even sporting blaze orange), I hate feeling like I'm being watched when I run.  I hate that people try to poach on our land every year, even though it's posted and even though I've always said no when people have asked if they could use it for hunting.  I hate that there are people who just take what they want (the rack) and leave massive carcasses out in the woods to be plundered by my dog, who later pukes black tar all over the basement floor.

If all hunters would be responsible, maybe I wouldn't hate hunting season so much, even though it would still make me a little sad, because I really like the deer.  But this year, I'm in an even grumpier state than usual.  Because this year, I went out for a run and over the course of a quarter mile, I saw FOUR water bottles tossed on the side of the road full of pee.  PEE!  At first I didn't realize what I was seeing.  But that's right.  And why?  Because hunters don't want the deer to smell the urine, so they pee in bottles.  And okay, I have a little bladder and can totally get that when you've got to go you've got to go.  BUT TAKE THOSE BOTTLES HOME AND THROW THEM AWAY!  Now every time I run, I have to look at the four bottles full of pee.  And it's not like they're going to biodegrade.  So in February, I'll get to enjoy the sight of four frozen bottles of pee.  And next summer, I'll get to enjoy the sight of four steeping bottles of pee.  And so on and so forth.  Wonderful.

So yeah, if you're reading this and you're a responsible hunter who does what you need to do to treat the animals with respect and feed your family and not litter your bottles of pee on our planet, then more power to you!  Can you please pass your influence off on all those other hunters? And my apologies for coming across overly harsh on this post - not trying to offend anyone - just very frustrated by the poaching on our land, and the littering of bottles on our road (since originally drafting this post, I have spotted two more bottles of urine disgracing our street :-( ). 

As a public service announcement, do not ever do a search for "nasty hunters" under google images.  Trust me on this one.  I learned the hard way.

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