Friday, October 24, 2014

Behind the Fence

Francie, with her oddly twisted ears.
I've asked around, but I never did manage to find someone who had an idea of why her ears are tilted backwards on the tips.

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A happy 8th birthday today to Pierce!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Reid has a new saying he picked up in kindergarten.  He says it with just the right chirrupy tone at just the right moment, and it makes me smile every time. 
"You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit".  Indeed.
Cort, meanwhile, has had some sayings he brought home that aren't quite so cute.  In particular, I'm not happy with the repeated, "WHAT THE ?!?!" phrase.  He doesn't finish it, but we all know that the sorts of words that "What the _____" can end with are not so nice.  So I'm trying to get him to replace some of his new exclamations with old lady phrases.  He doesn't know they are old lady phrases.  I say them with the right amount of emphasis to make them sound cool.  And hopefully his teacher gets a chuckle when he shows up to school exclaiming "MERCIFUL HEAVENS!". 

Readers, have you heard any good phrases lately?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Francie Gets a New Feeding Paddock

Since Francie is small, and Phoenix is fat, I have to separate them when I feed Francie twice a day.  Phoenix would steal her food otherwise, and he definitely doesn't need extra calories.  For a while I've been tying her up to eat, but this isn't ideal.  I worried I would forget to turn off the power for the electric fence, as the place I was tying her had one electrified strand on top.  I worried I would get distracted by the boys and forget about her.  I worried that she would spook over something and somehow hurt herself.

So the other weekend we set about to create a small feeding paddock for Francie, so she would be safe even if I had to leave her for a bit (and I wouldn't have to worry about the electric fence).

This paddock is really handy too because I can run while she eats and digests, and by the time I get finished and changed into riding clothes, she is ready to go and I don't have to catch her again.  She still continues to be a little tricky to catch.
It would also be a handy place for a horse that needs to be closely monitored or that is recovering from sedation.  It's nice and flat.  And I feel much better about Francie eating in there than when I was having to tie her.

Hoping to complete a few more horse-related projects over the winter months.  I love getting things accomplished!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Stick Maze

When we went to the NC Zoo back in August, they had this fabulous maze created from sticks.  The boys really liked it.
I'm not sure how they created this.  But I'm pretty sure we have enough sticks around the place to make one.  Anyone have a few spare hours to come over and make a stick maze?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Do Elephants Get Sore Throats?

I had a run of illnesses last month that would've knocked me down for a few days, only I'm a mom, and I didn't have time to be knocked down.  Because if I don't pack lunches and do laundry and vacuum and go to doesn't get done. 

I hadn't been sick in ages, but in September I had to go to Urgent Care three times.  I've basically sworn off the whole PCP thing for illness.  Mostly because I have to get an appointment, then even with the appointment, I end up waiting for well over an hour to be seen.  Seems it's much easier to just show up at an Urgent Care, where I've had good success in being in and out within 30 minutes.  And I can go on weekends.  Plus, the cost is the same as for my PCP. 

I had strep throat.  Then 3 days later a raging ear infection, even though I was on antibiotics.  Then a week after that, inflammation (related to the first two illnesses) in my vocal cords which made it feel as though I was being strangled.  Two antibiotics, a lidocaine mouthwash, and some steroids later, I finally started feeling better, albeit exhausted.  It took a good 4 weeks before the scratchy throat finally started to alleviate.

Picture taken at the NC Zoo in August.

I wonder if elephant mothers get sore throats?  If so, I can't imagine they would crawl off into bed and refuse to tend to their calves.  You gotta like that about elephant mothers.  They are devoted to their young.  I have to say, though, that if they do get sore throats, I feel extra bad for them.  Because you know eating hay and straw has got to be killer swallowing! 

Hoping you, readers, have been well so far this Fall. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Last Laugh

The past two years the squash bugs desiccated my garden.  This year they were foiled by the radishes I planted around my squash.  I had squash galore!  I must've given away 100 squash this year to friends, family, and random people who showed up at my house to buy unrelated objects off Craigslist.  Even now, there are a few gargantuan squash in the garden that I never bothered to pick.

When the radishes died off, the squash bugs did make their appearance.  But it was too late.  The squash was already played out.
I am, however, considering torching my garden so these suckers aren't alive for next year....

Friday, October 10, 2014

One Watermelon

Last April I picked up a pack of free watermelon seeds at a festival.  I planted them.  They didn't come up.  For months. 

Then in August I noticed a little watermelon vine.  It sprouted a tiny fruit.  I didn't think it had time to do much.

It got a little bigger.  But was still small.  And then one day stopped growing.

Once it stopped growing over a few weeks, I figured I'd better pick it.  Overnight frosts were looming closer.  Well, guess what?  It was ripe!  It had a lot of seeds I had to pick out, but was sweet and tasty.  The boys just loved it!
It was a happy garden surprise.  I have plenty of lettuce, carrots, and kale growing, which I hope will last a while longer. 

Readers, do you grow any fall crops?