Saturday, December 31, 2022

2022 Wrap Up

 Hello friends,

Just here for a year-end wrap up.  While I don't seem to be getting any blogging done, I do still post pics fairly regularly on Instagram - @twobearsfarm 

This past year we were fortunate to get to do some travel.  We spent a week with my family at the beach in North Carolina, a week in Austin, Texas (Paul had a work conference there, and afterwards we drove up to Baylor to visit our old stomping ground), and a week in New England (with fun days in Salem and Boston Massachusetts, as well as along the coast of Maine).  Everywhere we traveled, we had a blast looking for geocaches - it is one of our favorite activities as a family.  

We have continued to homeschool the boys - Pierce says he wants to finish high school at home.  Cort and Reid will be starting high school next year, and haven't decided yet if they want to continue homeschooling or if they would like to return to the local school system.  

This year I read 130 books.  My favorite book I read was Lessons in Chemistry, but I read a number of fun ones.  

This year I ran 1307 miles.  This was an increase in mileage for me over the previous few years.  I'm not doing long runs, but I managed not to get injured which helped keep my mileage consistent week by week.  Hoping for more of the same in 2023!

I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy.  Happy New Year!  


Mary said...

Lovely to see you here Lisa - and those boys now so grown up and handsome! Your past year in this always crazy world sounded awesome. I know you will make this one just as marvelous with many exciting visits to new places - travel is so important for the youngsters. Enjoy each moment together.
Sending best wishes to you all for 2023 - stay well, be happy, and keep on 'keeping on' - you are so good at that!
Hugs - Mary (Raleigh, NC)

Linda said...

Good to hear from you and see how the kids are growing up. Great shots!
Best wishes for the new year!

Lux G. said...

It's been a while since I visited. I hope all is well with you.