Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Geocaching and Naked Nutrition

 We're homeschooling again this year, and Cort and Reid have been taking astronomy as an elective.  About a month ago they had a lab learning to read maps that sent us out geocaching, and we've been hunting geocaches several times a week since then.  A few weeks ago we found stage one on a two part geocache, which had coordinates to the second stage.  It was on a busy day, and we knew that we didn't have time to hike that far.  So today we finally returned with hiking shoes, hiking poles, and some Naked Nutrition snacks to find stage two.  

Having a fifteen year old and two twelve year olds, it feels like someone is always hungry.  I think we were on the trail for all of five minutes before Cort wanted to dig into the snacks.  But I told him we needed to wait until we got to the top of the ridge.  We had a couple of miles of walking to get to the top.  We didn't see a soul, and it felt so nice to be out in the woods, the leaves crunching underfoot.

Once we located the geocache hidden in rocks at the top and signed the log (success!), we were all hungry, so we broke out the snacks.  Naked Nutrition sent us their Chocolate Fudge protein bars and their Naked protein Sugar Cookies to try.  

We decided to sample a little bit of each.  I was pleased with how they didn't crumble in the packs during the hike.  The Chocolate Fudge bars are nice and chewy, with a dark chocolate flavor, 180 calories, 10 grams of whey protein and GMO free, soy free, and gluten free (Cort still doesn't eat gluten - these are made from almond flour).  All three of my boys decided they liked the chocolate fudge bars best.  

I thought the sugar protein cookies had a bit of a 'birthday cake' flavor to them, and they were my favorite.  The cookies are clean eating just like the fudge bars.  Cort asked, "Are these snacks healthy?" Pierce replied, "They're Naked bars, they have nothing to hide."  I thought this was pretty clever, until I realized he was reading the slogan off the package!  I do love portable snacks like this with simple ingredients, that serve as healthy and tasty fuel for our adventures in the woods.

The view from the very top of the ridge was so worth the hike up there.  And after our refueling stop, we had no trouble completing the rest of our hike - even having the energy to hit up a couple more geocaches on the way home.  If you're looking for a new protein snack to try for your geocaching adventures, or to fuel a gym workout, or even for the afternoon slump at work, check out Naked Nutrition!

Disclaimer: I received samples of the Naked Nutrition chocolate fudge protein bars and protein sugar cookies for review purposes.  The opinions expressed above are my own.  


Linda said...

Hi, Lisa! I was excited to see your comment on my blog. I have missed your adventures. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun.

I totally get the hungry all the time thing. Mica's starting to get done with that. I took him into a back specialist for his scoliosis. He said his growth plates are almost together. That was a year ago. He doesn't plan on doing anything with his back. Now Isaak's starting in with being hungry a lot. I know he's not in the prime of growing yet. He's 13 1/2, but his voice is still really high pitched.

Mica loves Astronomy. He's taken 3 classes on it. His last one I think he could have taught the course. LOL He got the text book and said, "Cool reading material". and read the whole thing.

It's great you have lots of places to hike at.

An Apel a Day said...

I guess I should have used my other account to comment with. I was signed into my work. That last comment was from Alissa at An Apel a Day.

MommySpirit said...

Your geocaching adventures sound fun! It feels like my 13 year-old is hungry all the time; I can only imagine what it must be like to have three hungry boys. Wishing you lots more fun adventures in 2022.

Lux G. said...

Good to see you out and enjoying nature with these cuties. Stay safe, everyone. I'll definitely recommend this bar to my husband who loves to hike.