Thursday, December 2, 2021

Devil's Bathtub Hike

How's everyone hanging in with the tail end of 2021?  I hope you all are doing well. We are still here and fine - the boys are homeschooling again this year because of the continued pandemic, so that is keeping me busy (on top of continuing with teaching psychology).

I have a number of things I want to share from the past year, but I need my tech savvy fifteen year old to help me get the pics off my phone and onto my computer.  In the meantime, here's a start:

Back in June we took a few days to do some activities around the state of Virginia that we've always wanted to do, but never had the time.  We wrote down all those things on a list, and then took family votes for the top five activities.  We managed to fit in so much good in just five days.  

One of the top ranked choices was a trip to Devil's Bathtub.  Years ago I saw images on Pinterest or somewhere, and couldn't believe it was in my state.  Way down in a corner though.  In fact, in our rambling drive to get there, we tipping across into Tennessee for a few minutes, before passing back over into Virginia.  We managed to find the trailhead though.  

It didn't disappoint.  We found two rope swings and any number of lovely (but frigid) swim holes along the route.  The actual bathtub was just a little bit further back on the rocks (which were rather slick).  

All except Pierce and I took the plunge in the deceivingly deep bathtub, which judging from the whoops was also freezing cold!  

We had to make quick hiking to get back to the car, because there was a massive storm brewing that we were trying to beat.  We just barely made it - only a little damp from the rain.  

If you did something you've always wanted to do this summer, let me know what it was in the comments!  


Lin said...

Hooray! I'm always so happy when I see old blogging pals back at it. I hope you continue in spite of how busy you are.

Looks like the bathtub is spring fed?? That would account for the clarity and the cold water. I would love to get out in your neck of the woods for some good camping and hiking. We are looking to relocate to TN, so...hopefully...we can do that soon!

So many things were "new" during the pandemic. I took up pottery though..which has proven to be quite the challenge for so many reasons. It's fun though.

Mountaingmom said...

I know I follow you on Instagram, but I love the Blog posts too. Your adventures this year have been fun to follow along and inspired us to do the Virginia Creeper that we had wanted to do but always put off.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Nice to see a post from you. That looks amazing and sounds like a fun time. Was it easy to get out from there?

Lisa@TwoBearsFarm said...

Hi Mountaingmom - so cool that you went and did the Creeper Trail!
Debby - It's down a lot of backroads, but it isn't really hard to get to. Just a bit of a haul from us.
Lin - I would love to reconnect but need a reminder for the link to your private blog. Could you email it to me?

An Apel a Day said...

How fun! It looks beautiful. I'd like to go here! I think the best thing to look at in our state is Toadstool Park, or possibly the Ashfall Rhino Barn.

We've been laying low because of the pandemic, but did send the boys back to school. Isaak was doing the online schooling. His grades went down to D's and F's. Maybe if I would have kept more tabs on him that would have helped. I wasn't homeschooling like you are. I had one new job after another. We put him back in school, and within a few weeks he was sitting at B's, a few A's and one C. Mica did alright. He struggles with the ending instructions of things.