Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oreo Truffle Balls - A Tutorial

If you've never made Oreo truffle balls, you are in for a treat.  They are so delicious, and make totally cute (and well-received) gifts.
You will need 36 oreos.  You can make different flavors - in this case I did a batch of mint and a batch of peanut butter, just using the flavored oreos.
Put the 36 oreos in the food processor and process them.
Place in bowl and add 8 ounces of softened cream cheese.

Using a spoon (or your hands) mix until you have one mass of creaminess. 

Roll into 1 inch balls, place on wax paper, and refridgerate for an hour. 

Melt chocolate in the microwave.  I like to use high quality chocolate, because it melts much smoother and tastes better.  I've also used the ghirardelli dark chocolate chips before with good results. 

Microwave and stir frequently (about every 15-30 seconds) so you don't burn the chocolate.
Once it's all melted, start dunking the oreos. 
If you want to top your truffles with sprinkles, you would do so before the chocolate hardens.
Place on wax paper, and refridgerate another hour. 

If you're not doing sprinkles, another cute option are some of the icings available from Wilton.  You can purchase these at Michael's.
I got mint and peanut butter flavors to match my truffles. 

Once the chocolate is solid, you can drizzle with icing.
Then refridgerate for one last hour before transferring into gift containers. 
You can get very cute truffle boxes at Michael's.
Have I mentioned how good these taste?  You may not want to give them away...


jp@A Green Ridge said...

OM! I think I'm going to Michaels today. Baby Girl, if I want them for Christmas for the kids (who else?), how far ahead can I make them? Do they freeze well? I knew I should have had one!! P.S. Did you see the Rooster yesterday when I got down to my truck? He hates me!...:)JP

Mere said...'re going to bring these to Thanksgiving right?

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Mere - are you all coming tomorrow?
I didn't make them for Thanksgiving (I had them in mind for a cookie exchange) but I can bring a few if you're coming :-)

Andrea said...

Uhm, yeah. These are SOOOO good. We made them for the holidays last year, I think. So good. Maybe I will give them a go again for a cookie swap we're doing. And I just saw those icings and didn't buy any, grrr. Dangit! Enjoy! (And send me any leftovers!)

Angela said...

Now that is something I've never seen before! Those look yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura S. said...

Thanks for the idea Lisa! The chocolate covered pretzels I do every year are getting kinda old! Time to change things up a bit!!

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Those look SO YUMMY! We're on our way over to help you eat them all! ;)

Tiggeriffic said...

WOW~! this is so cool.. going to take this idea with me to son's house,,His 3 children need gifts for their teachers.. busy hands,,makes grateful hearts.. ta ta for now,,from Iowa

warren said...

OH. MY. WORD!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

So THAT'S what truffles are!!! Wow, I may have to do those this year!

jennohara said...

Oh my gosh, I am SO making these this year! Thanks for the recipe...they look adorable, and YUMMY!

Sandra said...

These are delicious! My mother made some, exact recipe, but yours are so much cuter with that added touch of the Wilton's icing!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Sounds tasty with all the cream cheese and chocolate. Thanks.

Myya said...

YUM!!! SO when is it that you will be delivering???

Anonymous said...

These look wonderful! I bet my husband would love them.

The Sumerlin Dorper Farm said...

Those look delicious! I think I am going to have to try making those this weekend. Thank you :)