Monday, December 14, 2009

A Welcome Break from an Icy Weekend

We've been enjoying an incredibly mild day today with temps in the upper 50s. After all the ice yesterday, this is a real treat. It's quite muddy out but we were able to enjoy some time on the porch. Pierce's favorite porch toy is his Cozy Coupe, even though he's a little big for it.

We have just a couple of flowers hanging on. I can't believe these flowers that I bought for just $1.50 each last April hung on through the whole summer and fall!

Pierce is really into pretend play right now. Today he is a dog. I hope there are no fleas in there!

Cort is to the left. He is already the trouble maker. Actually, I knew he was a trouble maker before he was born, as he kept flipping from head down to breech and back. Even as late as 37 weeks. I have no idea how he had the room! Thankfully, he was head down when it really counted.

Poor Reid. Even though he's bigger by over 3 pounds, he is the one that gets picked on.

Cort is just spoiling for a fight. Reid is getting aggravated with having little fingers stuck in his ear.

"THAT'S IT! I've had it with you!"

"Awww, come on Reid, don't be that way. I'm sorry. Sort of."

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