Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Artist Formerly Known as Pierce

Yawn.  It's early.  Everyone else in the house is tucked back in after feedings and diaper changes, but after tossing and turning for an hour I gave up and came downstairs to start the day.  Actually, it's kind of nice and quiet.  So I was cruising through email, facebook, ebay, etc. when I accidentally knocked over my morning lifeline - The Diet Pepsi.  Only about a tablespoon spilled out but I was all "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I needed that!  How will I ever make it through the day without that extra bit?!?"  You see, I'm a true addict.
I hope I can coherently think enough to blog about our park trip yesterday even though I didn't get my full Pepsi dosage.
We had about a half mile walk to get to the park.  After the cold spell we've had, 50* has never felt so absolutely balmy.  I almost wished I'd worn my flip flops!

Turns out the park was still coated a lot in snow.  But it didn't stop us.

The sun felt so good.

We are deep in the throes of pretend play.  What, you think this is Pierce?  Nope, this is Dora, on bubble bridge.

"I'm not Pierce, I'm a mouse"

Reid and Cort are not impressed by mice.
Not even a mouse with a motorcycle VRoooooooM!
Fine.  I'm not a mouse.  I'm Tigger!  I like to bounce!
And swing! 
Note the dirt covering the face after just an hour of play.  Being a boy is filthy work!

And now, it is time for a public service announcement.  Not that I am the fashion police.  Far from it (so I type from my permanent yoga pant uniform).  But seriously, people.  Power walking in a full length FUR coat just isn't cool.  Someone must have told her though.  Because she took it off before I could get a picture. 
PEOPLE!  JUST LEAVE THE FUR AT HOME!  Even power walking while carrying fur isn't nice. might tone your arms. 

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