Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Colors!

Pierce and I got our Family Fun magazine this week.  If you have kids, I highly recommend it.  Really fun creative ideas.  Pierce and I decided to make their winter sun catcher.  I like this craft because it costs nothing and was easy for Pierce.
First, you fill up an ice cube tray with water.  Then put a drop of food coloring in each cube.

Oh, did I say Pierce?  I meant SUPERMAN.
Freeze the cubes until solid.

Superman was so excited to see the colors when these came out.  He went on and on about it.  Toddlers just love colors.
Meanwhile, take a round cake pan and fill it 2/3 with water.  Place a small juice cup filled with water in the middle to make a hole to hang your suncatcher from.  Freeze for an hour.
Take it out and arrange the ice cubes in the pan.

Superman really liked this part.
We let this sit overnight, but really you could just leave it a few hours.  We ran warm water across it before popping it out and then tied a ribbon on.

Pretty, huh?  Here it is hanging off our deck:

In fact, we liked this so much we decided to do a similar craft that wouldn't melt away.  So we got some cookie cutters and traced their shapes on wax paper.  I helped Pierce cut out the shapes (in duplicate).  Then we took some crayons and Pierce made crayon shavings.  Would you believe we did not have a single pencil sharpener in the house?  Not a one.  So I sacrificed my eyeliner sharpener.  Eyeliner is overrated anyhow ;-)

Once again, he was fascinated by the colors.

We put the shavings in between the wax paper (we did one of his traced hand) and then I used the iron to melt them together.  Finished products:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You should send this to the magazine.

Maria said...

I love it!