Monday, January 4, 2010

Family Yoga

Yesterday I was still terribly sore from my hill run on Friday.  And Paul was sore from chopping up trees.  So we thought it would be a good idea to do some yoga.  We chose Rodney Yee's Family Yoga.  While Yoga Kids is lighter and more geared towards toddlers, Family Yoga is a workout that is more appropriate for the whole family.  Pierce likes doing the headstands, with a little help from his dad.
A while ago Paul had gotten me some Gaiam yoga socks as a birthday gift or something.  I hadn't worn them because I forgot about them.  Now I'm not big on socks period.  In fact, I think 40* weather is perfectly appropriate for flip flops.  My toes like to breathe!  And if it gets colder than that, I still try to wear shoes or boots that are so soft and fuzzy inside they don't require socks.  The only time I don't mind wearing socks is when running.  So I was leary of the yoga socks, especially since they had the separate toe compartments.  However, I found they actually helped with the yoga.  The treads helped me stick the positions and work a little deeper in the poses.  Being completely inflexible (I can't touch my toes) this is a very good thing. 

Reid napped throughout yoga.  He was tired from third level hand examinations.  Look at hand.  Open fingers.  Close fingers.  Open fingers.  Close fingers.  Open just the pointer finger.  Oooooh, amazing.  Close pointer finger.  He did this for an hour.  Very tiring, as you might imagine.
Cort....well, you know he doesn't get tired!  Nor does he sit still long enough to contemplate the miracle of his hands.  So he practiced a little upward dog himself.

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Jaime said...

Lisa...i loved our run together and what a great work-out. Last night was fun, but you must stay for karoke next time! I promise they will not ban you, we have connections!