Thursday, January 28, 2010

New York, New York!

I'm not really the type of person that shows a lot of external excitement.  I remember when my parents bought me my first real horse.  A beautiful flea bitten gray quarterhorse/thoroughbred cross named Chico, he was something I'd only dreamed of previously.  My mother and my trainer, Jay, broke the news to me.  I was thrilled.  All I wanted to do was go throw my arms around Chico's neck.  But apparently I didn't show this.  Jay said, "Lisa, can you just do me a favor?  Can you just jump up and down a couple of times for me?"  I complied in good humor, right there in the barn office.

That said, I cannot begin to describe how excited I am to have registered for my guaranteed entry into the New York City marathon yesterday.  I have been trying to get in since January 2007. Now, finally, in November it will be my chance to run this epic race.  My heart races just looking at the pictures of NYC and imagining running through it's heart.    In fact, I'm so excited that I made my hotel reservations this past November. 

New York City isn't the type of race you run to PR (personal record in running jargon - or to get a best time).  You run it to be.  Just to be alive, to see the sights, to meet the people.  And I can't wait to be a part of that.  I can't wait so bad that I actually got up EARLY to run before Paul left for work yesterday.  Now you really know how excited I am! 

Proof...the sunrise:
I debated going further. 

But El Diablo is an early riser.  And Paul had to get to work.  And I'm a wuss afraid of that big black dog.  So I turned around.  I really need to get some dog repellant.


Lauren said...

Lisa, knowing you, I won't be surprised if you do PR at New York. ;)

Anonymous said...

PopPop and I get the kids, right? What are the dates?