Friday, January 1, 2010

WHOOOOO Let the Dog Out?

So after tallying up my depressingly minimalist mileage for 2009, I wanted to start the year off right, with a run.  Normally my running club does this run every year up a mountain first thing on New Year's Day.  I just don't think I have the fitness to make it up that mountain pushing the double stroller right now.  Mostly because I have had to do so much treadmill training and am seriously lacking in stroller and/or hill strength.  So I decided to be a wimp and run from home.  I couldn't run on the old road because it was too icy.  So I could either run on the regular road (HILLS!) or on the treadmill.  I opted for the hills.  It's going to be wicked cold the next few days, but today is mild so I figured I might as well take advantage.
I wiped out the first 200 feet out the door on ice.  Might should've picked the treadmill.  At least I didn't fall in dog poop. 
Started tackling the hills.  I was pleased to note that they are getting easier.  And it really was a nice day out (40* with mild winds).  But I was in for a nasty little surprise.  About a mile and a half down the road is a tiny brick house.  A sweet little old man used to live there, but a couple of years ago a family moved in.  No one told me that they got a new bitch  female dog.  Some sort of black lab cross.  I think of black labs as being friendly dogs.  Wrong.  Not this one.  And she got right in my personal space.  A foot away.  Barking, growling.  All of her fur was standing up.  My what big TEETH you have!  I offered her my glove.  My shoes.  My jacket.  The remnants of a jello shot cup that someone who actually had a fun New Year's left lying on the side of the road.  All she wanted was my head, on a platter, preferably annoited with some gravy and a side of ham.  I ended up walking backwards up a huge hill because I couldn't turn my back on her.  Might should've picked the treadmill. 

I tried to take some pics of the twins when I got back.  It started off well enough.

But soon enough those smiles turned to this:

That Cort!  How am I ever going to keep up with him?
I gave Reid some consoling snuggles. 

Cort is much too busy to snuggle.  I have to spend all my time jiggling, dancing, singing, hopping, and generally doing any goofy thing I can think of to keep that child happy.  And that, my friends, does not need to be preserved on film.  ;-)

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Hayley said...

Holy crap, those boys are cute.

And you look awesome.