Saturday, February 27, 2010

The 3 Wolf Moon Shirt - My Life is Now Complete

I hope that by now you've read the Amazon 3 Wolf Moon shirt reviews.  They've been around for a good while.  But in case you haven't, you can read all about this AMAZING shirt here on Amazon .   Since I first read about the 3 Wolf Moon shirt, I've had a longing.  I've felt as if something was missing in my life, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  Sometimes, I would just stare into space with a sense of emptiness.  That is, until yesterday.

When the UPS man walked up our muddy driveway (which due to melting snow is currently unpassable without four wheel drive) with a huge box I felt an eerie tingling.  The box was from my high school friend, Ginger (Thanks, Ginger!!).  I knew she was sending a bunch of clothes for the twins, and was excited about that.  But that didn't explain my shivering.  Then I opened the box.  There, right on top, was the 3 Wolf Moon shirt. 

I paced back and forth.  I knew that once I put this shirt on, my life would never be the same.  It was a point of no return of sorts.  There's life before the 3 Moon Shirt and then there is life after.  And unless you've actually worn the 3 Moon Shirt you won't understand.  Sadly.  So here I am, the moment the wolves settled across my skin.
The rest of the night is a blur.  I ran up and down our mountain several times, racing the deer.  I'm proud to report that I won those races.  The deer have nothing on the 3 Wolf Moon shirt.  Thanks to my heightened sense of hearing, I heard the crackling of a fire about a 100 miles away, so I ran there and helped put the fire out.  I saved 4 kittens and their mother.  I also shoveled the snow off our 10 acre horse pasture, because the horses were kind of low on grass.  For some reason, the horses kept snorting at me in the 3 Moon Wolf shirt, but I was so busy it didn't upset me too much.  I finally went to bed around 4 am, and woke up at 5 refreshed and ready to feed the twins.  I'm a little hairier this morning (particularly my arms, which have become downright furry), but otherwise I feel great. 

Don't delay!  Place your order for the 3 Wolf Moon shirt TODAY!  Your life will never be the same!!


Ginger said...

Glad it's a hit. Let me know if you run into Jacob, Quil & Embry, and I'll put mine on and join you!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like something out of the twilight series.

warren said...

Do snazzy glasses come as part of the deal?

Kelly said...

I don't know how I have survived so long without mine...gonna rush out and get me one :) Love the post!!!

Unknown said...

Found you through BlogFrog and can I say - this made me LOL today! Love it! Gonna be a new follower here! :-)

the mrs. said...

I want it, too.
But not the hair--ewww--don't want that.
Fun post!