Thursday, February 4, 2010

Last Time I Checked it was February

I sure am glad the wreath with half the lights burned out is still up:

And I sure am glad that the Christmas tree is no longer in our living room, but in the honored location of our front porch.  That way everyone can see it as they drive by and have happy memories of their Christmas.  In February.

And gosh, we just love Halloween so much that we try to celebrate as long as possible.  Deep into February.                                                                    
Why yes, those are gooey, half frozen, half molded PUMPKINS under that snow.  Decorating our porch.  Yay!  We are sooooooo festive! 

At least he took the jack o' lantern off:  blog from early December


Hayley said...

AWESOME. I totally believe in celebrating Halloween and Christmas all year round :)

Anonymous said...

I noticed there is a "Report Abuse" link at the top of your blog. I wonder if this would be the proper time to click on that.

My excuse for the decorations is that I've been too busy reading about how to manage chickens, feeding horses, playing with children, ect. Besides, until the temps get warm outside the wreth doesn't feel out of place. And even when it does get warm outside the leaves will have grown on the trees along the road and people won't see our place that well from the why not just leave it up all year again.

Your loving husband.

warren said...

HA! I just saw a guy today driving around with a Christmas tree still in the back of his pickup! You are not alone!