Friday, March 26, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - A Room

This week's theme for Memory Lane Friday is 'A Room'.  I have so many rooms that stand out in my memory (particularly since my family moved a lot growing up) but I think my favorite is my bedroom from the age of 10 to 13.  We lived in an old 'four-square' style brick home and I just loved that house.  It was the greatest house for hide and seek.  My bedroom was on the second floor, and it had a small room attached to the bedroom.  I don't know what this room was meant to be initially, but it was filled with bookshelves, so I called it my 'office'.  It had multicolored stripes on the walls, that I always thought of as paint marks - as though someone had taken a paint brush and just stroked the wall all over.  The carpet was a burnt orange.  It came that way.  Here I am on the floor, doing homework.
Looking at all the junk on the floor, I have no clue about half of it.  I see the purple Jordache backpack, the $2 cash, the pencil sharpener, the yellow inflatable bunny ears (must've been close to Easter) but why is there a spray bottle?  Did I use that on my hair?  I have no idea.


Kid was always trying to snoop around in my desk!
He was trying to find my Ramona Quimby diary.  Grrr.  Good thing I wrote in code.
I do remember that the jug of water in the floor in this picture was for my pet frog, Gilly.

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Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Your post brings back memories for me. I remember having a room similar to your "office" in one of our houses - I mean, the wallpaper was similar. But the carpet was blue, so we called it "The Blue Room." And it was used for homework, too.

Hahaha! It IS a good thing you wrote in code. How funny that you did that to keep him from reading your diary.

JP said...

I, too, lived in a old house back in CT. Yes, I can remember that far back...becasue, after all, I am OLD (according to my friend, Pierce). Never had a diary though...too busy doing chores & homework.