Sunday, March 21, 2010

Of Madness and Hitchers

Today I was driving into town to pick up the thyroid meds for the cat and go for a run.  As I was driving, I passed this guy on his way to town.  Walking.  Now this is no short walk.  I don't know where he goes, but he must have a good 5 miles ahead of him.  I always see him, with his backpack, headed into town.  And I always think, poor guy, it's a long walk. 

And this morning, as I often do, I thought -- I should give him a ride.  And of course immediately common sense speaks up and says, "right, if you want to get yourself stabbed" so the kind inner child says, "well, I could just get a concealed weapon PERMIT (because I would never ever ever own a gun myself) and carry it around with me and when I pick up hitch hikers I'll show it to them and tell them I have a gun so not to try anything".  Okay, soooooo logical.  So common sense says, "Uh huh, because you know all of two people with a concealed weapon permit you could borrow and somehow, I don't think the killer hitch hikers are going to buy the idea that your name is Dickie or Lloyd".  And then I laugh at myself for having such crazy thoughts anyhow.  I think it may be because just before I left the house I finished this book my sister-in-law loaned me called How to Be Good, by Nick Hornby (thanks, Meredith).  I have a tendency to really get drawn into books and apparently this one really sucked me in (it was a fantastic read) and may quite possibly have left a lasting impression.  So, you know, now I'm totally planning to give away my life savings (all $5 of it) and start taking in homeless teens while convincing my neighbors to do the same.  Anyone else have a tendency to get lost in a good book now and then?
Regardless, I don't think I'll be picking up any hitch hikers, MOM.  I guess I'll settle for donating my hair for the fourth time - next month is going to be the big chop, chop.  The only risk there is a really bad cut. 


Anonymous said...

Please go to the hospital and get them to xray your head.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the book. I can't say it had the same affect on me. I spent the whole book thinking the guy was nuts to give all his money away and let random poor kids live in his house! I guess I'm not such a good person after all :-) However, like you, I donate my hair, clothes and other belonging I no longer need...My version of the book would be called "how to be good enough"


Anonymous said...

Your grandfather and grandmother have concealed weapons permits. Kid you not! And there is actually a big ole handgun with a scope on it in their car.

warren said...

I absolutely do this exact same thing...I really want to trust people and believe they are good, but common sense and a good old dose of tv-bred fear keep me on the straight and narrow!