Friday, April 9, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - A Favorite Teacher

Do you remember all of your teachers?  My teachers from the early years are very patchy in my memory.  I had some really great teachers, though.  And a couple who weren't so great.  I really liked my 7th grade English teacher.  And my high school government teacher.  My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher.  Appropriately, her name was Miss Pleasant.  No lie.  This was the year we moved from Marion to Roanoke.  It was a difficult transition for me, even though I was ready and excited to move. 

Here I am, in the new house (oh, I loved that house!).  I must've been collecting these Disney movie animals from Happy Meals or something.

It's really ironic that 5th grade was a good year.  Because that's the year in school I did poorly.  Well, not poorly, but I slacked.  I didn't pay attention.  I stopped doing homework.  I read other books (fiction) while class was going on. 
I hated math and once, rather than bother to work through the problems, I just made up answers.
After this, I was forced to go get my eyes checked.
I was LAZY.
And I brought home not one but TWO C's. 
(Insert Doomsday Music here)
This resulted in the loss of horseback riding lessons until the next report card
 I had to start writing my homework assignments down for my mom to examine.
She would do them with me.
The horrors!
 I do remember in particular studying for a health exam when I think my mom and I almost killed each other.
She was micromanaging me!
I deserved it though.
I could no longer be trusted to do my work on my own.
To this day, though, I still remember learning about the guy who swallowed a bagful of meat on a string and then pulled it back up after a couple of hours to see what happened during digestion.
Nothing like a little gore to stick permanently in a 5th grader's memory.
Anyhow, through all this transition, being in a new school, slacking off, and getting in trouble with my parents, Miss Pleasant was just nice as can be.
And while I don't remember much about how she taught, or what she taught, I do remember her gentle ways and kind, understanding voice.
And I still (blush) have the card she gave me at the end of the school year.


 I'm sure she wrote notes to all the kids in her class.  But I don't ever remember another teacher bothering to do that.  It made kids feel like she really cared. 

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Anonymous said...

I knew you would write about Miss Pleasant. She was such a special person! I remember that health test. There was one story about a guy with a hole from his stomach to the outside and they would feed him things and then raise a flap of skin to peer into his stomach to see what was happening. I remember reading that alcohol made the stomach look very red and inflamed. This was in the 1700's, I think. You had the most interesting health book that year.
I guess I was too controlling, wasn't I? I think I still am :-)

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

I would've been SO upset if I had to postpone riding lessons until the next report card! But as an adult (and now a parent), I understand a parent's reasoning for doing something like that.

But then again, the "threat" of my mom micromanaging me if it came to that, would be motivation enough. Hahahaha!

Uh, yeah. There's nothing like a graphic health lesson to make something stick in your memory!

Mary said...

I love the story! I think that is so cool you scanned in a note from her. I think it's funny her name was actually Miss Pleasant. :)

I'm working on finding some pictures for my memory lane post!