Friday, April 2, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - A Time You Got in Trouble

Each week I write about a memory from childhood to preserve my own memories for my kids.  You are welcome to join me.  This week's theme is a time you got in trouble.

Me?  Get in trouble?  Never!  Because I was too smart to get busted.  Most of the time ;-)  Course there was that time Erin and I went swimming in the cow cistern.  Oh, and then that time I got busted for writing a fake excuse note and skipping school.  But the incident that truly stands out in my mind is from when we lived in Marion, Virginia.  We only lived there for a year, when I was nine years old. 

Marion is a tiny little town in Southwest Virginia.  Here is the Courthouse.

So my best friend at the time was Leanne. She had the ins and outs of all good kid things going on in Marion.  And so she came and whisked me off one day to a fort in the woods.  All the kids were there.  It was awesome.  I think someone had even dragged an old mattress into the fort
Hours passed of fort games and hiding and trampling through the woods.
It was a wonderful day.
One of those days where you just get completely caught up in the moment.
And then you head home and realize.
You're going to be in trouble.
That's right.
I left without telling my mom where I was going.
Or when I was coming back.
So by the time I got home, my mom was in a terrified panic.
And with the subduing of fear at the sight of me, came anger.
I was informed that I was going to be s-p-a-n k-e-d (I had to edit this word because my blog was drawing the wrong type of traffic for it - I'm sure you can imagine).
I don't remember this happening any other time, although I'm guessing it did.
So we headed off to my bedroom.
And my mom made me bend over her lap.
And then she started.
The thing was, it didn't hurt.
And since I wasn't accustomed to this it was....well...funny.
So I started laughing.
Bless my mom.  Instead of getting angrier she started laughing too.
She said, "I guess you're too old for this!"

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Next week's theme is A Favorite Teacher.


Elizabeth said...

Cat Cat spank somebody no way I don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! The only time I EVER spanked any of my children and you have to write about it on the internet. Social services will probably come to get me now.

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Sounds like a great hideout for kids! No wonder time got away from you.

And I keep laughing at fact that both of you laughed at the spanking! That is, until you got grounded - I suppose you weren't laughing too much at THAT point.

Mary said...

Love that story! That's funny you both ended up laughing.

Angela said...

Visiting from M&M today! Love the walk down memorylane! Love how your mom responded to the laughing! But can soooo relate to her panic! Have a Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

Haha! That does sound like a fun place to play!

Jeremi said...

FUN post, and cute boys you have : )
New follower here . . . .


Your mom's respond also made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through the Multiples and More site. I love the idea of writing down your memories of childhood for your kids! Have a Happy Easter!


Elizabeth said...

I know Cat Cat I thought you would think that very thought

Lani said...

haha! that is too funny:) My mom loves it when I tell those stories on my blog:)

Leanne said...

Oh NO! Now I look like the bad influence girl!! I think my mom knew we were going (course I got in trouble ALL the time) and truthfully it was on my grandfather's land so we weren't tresspassing. Such good times! I think if we went up in those woods today we will see lingering signs of that old fort! I will have to check it out next time I am 'home'.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

LOL, Leanne, I'm sure I did my share of bad influence! That would be cool if the old fort were still around. I didn't realize it was on your grandfather's land.

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