Monday, April 5, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - No Theme, but I was thinking of the beach

Today there is no theme for Muffin Tin Monday, so we focused on beach foods.
Fluffernutter "sushi", sea-water (Spongebob stickers on the glass), sea cucumbers, a beach ball tomato, crabby crackers (get these at Fresh Market), and New England clam chowder. 
Pierce ate everything except the cucumbers.

Here's a picture of Horace for Hayley (do you recognize

And a picture of Elvis for Wendiwinn:

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Going to end today with a couple of pics from Easter yesterday. 

First time all 3 boys have dressed alike.  Thanks, Cat Cat, for the cute outfits.

Cort, Pierce, Reid
I think Reid is gonna catch Pierce in size any day now.


Anonymous said...

I love the theme. I can't get cucumbers to go over either. The sushi looks great!

Anonymous said...

JP if you're reading this please note I took down the Christmas wreath Sunday morning. :)

Robbins Zoo said...

Neat iead :o) We live only 2 miles fromthe beach.. so I have a feeling it's going to be a theme around here alot. :o)

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

oh I love your theme! So creative. I keep trying get my kids to eat cucumbers (i love them). Loved the Easter photos as well, so neat to get a glimpse into your life!

Melissa said...

First off, your boys are so adorable!

Secondly, fun lunch theme! Funnily enough, my little one had cucumbers in hers too, but she ate them up first. Hee hee! :)

w said...

first. great tin. yes. also. i hope you didn't put salt in the sea water.

and second. hahaahahahahahaahaha! look at elvis! oh man. how he's grown. watch his weight. you know how the human elvis did with his pbb sandwiches.

Michele said...

Cute theme, goes great for the beach.

Mary said...

Thanks for commenting! I like that thing you said. About how we GET to do things. so true. I'm happy to hear you are wearing the nail polish! I never know what color is best to give as a gift. :)

Oh and very cute pictures of your little ones! I like the one of you and the fam as well.

Kelly said...

I love your beach theme! Your family Easter pictures are great, adorable kids.

Laura said...

Cute tin! Your boys are adorable too! I have twin boys also - 8 months today. We did coordinating outfits for Easter this year (I figure it's the only year I can get away with it with my 6 yr.old : ).

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit this, but I am really attached to the chickens. They are great entertainment for twin babies and a 3 year old.

Hayley said...

I love pics you take... and all the animals! I'd love to have a ton of animals on a massive plot of acreage somewhere, but alas... I can barely handle three children in a house on a regular city lot. Ha.

I so love my Horace :) Even kind of grown, he/she's adorable...