Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nature Walk

My boys love to be outside.  It was one of Pierce's first words.  So we've been spending a lot of time going for walks this week.
First stop:  the turtle rope swing.  We just got this, and Pierce hasn't quite mastered it yet.

This is the old road from where they logged our place back in the 70s.
It is also my stomping ground.
I love to run on it.

Little flowers in the woods.

Pierce loves to feel the moss.
We talked about how people used to use moss on injuries.
Before bandaids.
Pierce was notably impressed.

Shhhh.  Don't tell Daddy we did this!

This is at the end of our land, about1/2 mile walk.  See that big piece of rusted metal?  I think that's from an old wagon.  Must've just rusted out right there on the old corner of the field.

Tons and tons of butterflies in the flowers.

Running towards home.

The sun was starting to set behind the mountain by the time we neared home.
When you've got a mountain in your back yard, the sun sets kind of early you know.
This is definitely a disadvantage of the mountains!


Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Those are awesome photos! I especially love the angled one where Pierce is walking along your "stomping ground."

I know what you mean about the mountains. Dusk would come "early" at my grandparents' house because of the mountain at the end of their street to the west.

And when Andrew, Livie, and I lived in New Mexico, "our" mountain was to the east, so while it started getting light out in the AM, it wasn't blazing blinding light into our eastward-facing windows first thing in the morning.

Hayley said...

I wanna live with you. I'd prefer the sounds of nature to the sounds of our obnoxious neighbor kids any day!

Unknown said...

Your property is so beautiful!!! How awesome that that *is* your backyeard.