Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

First off, a shout out to my SIL, Meredith, on the event of her very first Mother's Day.  I hope it's perfect and I'm sure baby Grady will treat her well.

Second, the winner of the knitting gear giveaway is Amy!  I used to choose.  Congrats Amy, and a huge thank you to all of you who participated.

And now to discuss a very important mom.  Mine.

Is it just me, or was I one of those rare 'ugly' babies?  And you thought they didn't exist.

Growing up with my mom was like a life-course in fun.
She had ways of making each day interesting.
And she was caring.

When we lived at the farmhouse, my parents took a trip to Mexico (remember the sombreros they brought back that I posted on Memory Lane Friday?).
This was the first time they left us.
We were in good hands - very good hands indeed with my dad's parents.
They came to the farmhouse to watch us.
And wouldn't you know, not long after they left my brother Taylor got the stomach flu and started puking all over (and I remember quite well my uncle's poodle, Pierre, licking it up off the kitchen floor while my grandmother tried, unsuccessfully, to get him to stop so she could clean up).
But aside from the stomach flu, I remember something else about that time my parents were gone.
My mother made a scavenger hunt for us to do after she left.
With clues all through the house.
Little reminders of how much we were loved.
If you squint really hard, you can see me there on the front steps of the house.
The final prize of the scavenger hunt was located in the base of the grandfather clock.
I don't remember the prize at all.
I don't remember the clues.
What I remember was knowing that my mom loved me.
She loved me enough to make life special, even when she was gone.
That's the kind of mom she was.  And still is.

Here we are on my wedding day, in hiding so Paul wouldn't catch sight of me in my dress (which, incidentally, Mom made for me from a pattern I picked).

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


Anonymous said...

Okay, you made me cry.
We thought you were the most beautiful baby who was ever born.
Now that you have kids of your own, you can understand how I feel about you. Love you as only your mother can :-)
Thanks for the tribute.

Jeremi said...

What a special post : ) Happy Mother's Day!

LOVE your wedding dress.

And your thoughts on tv -- we still have ours but the girls only watch PBS or chosen dvds (my husband and I still like our shows too much to not have one!). Good for you guys!

Anonymous said...

You do have a wonderful mom and her daughter is also a wonderful mom. Happy Mothers day Lis


Mere said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm sure my mothers day will become perfect once I get home from work...yet another reason to hate UVA...they make me work on mothers day!

Also, you were definitely not an ugly baby! you were adorible!! :-) (trust me, i've seen some ugly babies at don't fit into the catagory.)

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

I love the one where you're with your mom on your wedding day.

And you were an adorable little baby!

warren said...

Cool dress and...hubba hubba!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Enjoyed your pics.