Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So you think you wanna vaccinate your horse, huh?

Well, we've covered deworming and the farrier.  Why not vaccines?  First off, your vet has to do rabies vaccines.  But you can do the other shots yourself.  You can pick them up at Southern States or Tractor Supply Company.  It's infinitely more economical.  Don't forget to buy the needles - with some vaccines you do have to purchase needles separately.  Typically you can buy some sort of 3 way combo shot to cover things like Rhino and flu.  Then, depending on where you live, you may want to consider picking up the West Nile Virus vaccine as well.  It's pricey but worth it. 

A note to the wise.  Don't wear flip flops.  Wear solid shoes.  Boots, preferably.  Also, if you don't know your way around a horse, or if your horse is the type that dumped you in the dirt last week and left you in the dust...well...then you might not want to try this at home. 
This shot is easy, because all you have to do is screw on the needle and try not to accidentally inject yourself in the process.

When you get these, you draw the fluid from the gray vial into the syringe.  Then squirt it into the yellow vial.  Roll it gently in your hands to mix.  Redraw the mixture into the syringe.  You're good to go.

Now, see how the muscles of Phoenix's neck (wasn't he so kind of model?) form a triangle?
Okay, I've helped you out a bit with Adobe photoshop. ;-)

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to aim inside the triangle.
I remember a time where giving Phoenix a shot was no party.  No indeed.
But he's mended his ways.
And now he doesn't even flinch.

Gently draw the plunger out, just a tad, to make sure blood doesn't come back (which would indicate you hit a vein and need to move the needle).
Then let her rip.
See, that wasn't so bad!

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w said...

i need to find me a horse so i can do this.

Steve Surratt said...

I'm used to the itty bitty insulin needles but I think I could handle it. Oh, I don't have a horse either. ha ha