Thursday, May 20, 2010

SomeMore S'mores

S'mores should be burned.
Put your marshmallow straight in the flame.

Once it's flaming, then blow it out when it's good and black.

Have your grahams and Hershey's ready.
Don't go generic on the chocolate folks.
Hershey's is the MUST HAVE for s'mores.

Hopefully your marshmallow is steamy enough to get the chocolate melty.
If not, put it close by the fire to get it right.

Oh yeah.  One of the best things about camping.  Ever.


Jeremi said...

Guess what i'm buying today while grocery shopping!! I think we'll have to have an old-fashioned wiener roast with smores for dessert this weekend : ) YUMMY!!

SouthernDogwoods said...

YUM! You can never go wrong with a smores

Anonymous said...

Pierce told me you didn't put Hershey bars on his s'mores. :-)

Anonymous said...

Pierce most certainly did get chocolate on his smores! My method is to make several smores at once then let the chocolate and marshmellow harden before eating. It takes patience and will power but it makes it less messy for a three yr old.

Andrea said...

Oh, so totally unfair. How can you show me these pictures when I'm nowhere near any Hershey's, marshmallows OR a campfire?

Nutella and Fluff in the microwave, anyone? On a -- uhm -- tortilla? ;)

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

I want s'mores, too!!

Hayley said...

Your smore philosophies are just like mine! Burnt marshmallow, real Hersheys... mmmmm arrrrgghh drrrooollll...

Screw the touch of golden brown. Burnt is the only way to go.

Unknown said...

Blasphemy!! Marshmallows should be golden brown, not blackened. Oh, the humanity!