Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mister Ed wasn't there, but some 'scary' dogs were

The horse show is in town, so the boys and I headed over on Tuesday.  Although I do enjoy having our 'backyard' horses, I certainly miss the excitement of the true horse world that filled my teenage years.
We walked around and watched people schooling over fences.
We saw all the big tents, full of horse stalls.  With temps well into the 90s this week, I felt a little bad for the horses, although with large box fans and plenty of water certainly they are fine.

More schooling arena...a beautiful dappled gray.  I've always been partial to grays.

Okay, how cute is this?  Horse people tend to have a sense of humor. 

The hunters were supposed to be showing, but weren't, so we watched the jumpers instead.  Hunters are judged on their style - both the rider and horse - over fences.  Jumpers are judged by how quickly they make it across the course of jumps without knocking any down.  I mostly showed hunters back in the day, but certainly the jumpers are a little more exciting to spectators.

After Pierce complained one too many times that he was HOT and THIRSTY (having consumed both bottles of water I'd brought in the course of 30 minutes, even though it was only 9:30 am) we decided to head indoors.
In the colliseum, things were a little slow.  They were doing some conformation and equitation classes. 
We watched two classes and then Cort launched a revolt of epic screaming proportions.  Turns out horses aren't his thing.  But at least I got a full hour fix of horsey time.  Hopefully that'll last me through the next year until the horse show comes to town again ;-)


Anonymous said...

Cort is the Ruler of the World :-)

Paul Workman said...

I wonder if we could get a "Beware of Chickens" sign for our property.

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Baby Girl, I've always loved dapples...why don't you have your hubby make a sign "Beware of Chickens" because if Little JP adds "cranky" to obstinate, we're all in trouble...including all you bears!

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Ahhh, the world of showing. I miss it, too.

I'm partial to grays, too. I still can't believe we both had our own separate gray Chicos back in the day!! What a coincidence! That, and the fact that I did mostly hunters, too. Occasionally a jumper class or two, but mostly hunters.

I'm glad you and the boys got to spend a little bit of time out at the show!

Oh, and that dog is cute!

My Mad World said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Glad you got to have some horse time. =)