Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Having a Hay-Day

Recently we got up our hay.  This is one of the only things we do that makes us a true farm, as we do sell the hay.  Let me just say, I can't think of many things worse than getting up hay.
First, it's always about 95* and humid as all-get-out the day the bales are prime for pickup.
And of course, because hay is itchy, you can't just wear a little tank top and shorts. 
There's a reason farmers wear bibs!
To keep out the itchies from hay, to protect against chiggers and ticks.
So you've got long sleeves on and long pants, and sometimes a hat to protect from the sun.
And did I mention it's 95*?!?!?
So you walk through the pasture picking up bales while someone drives the truck alongside.  Or else if you don't have any help, you drive the truck 10 feet, stop, pick up a bale, toss it on the back, then drive another 10 feet.  And so forth.
One year, the bales were really dense because we cut late and had a very moist spring.
Those bales were so heavy that I was sore for days afterwards.
I could hardly lift them, much less toss them on the back of the truck.
However, since I had the boys, I have gotten out of my hay duties.  Someone has to watch the boys!  That person is me.  And every year, come hay baling time, I'm so eternally grateful to be inside wrangling children instead of hay bales, basking in the a/c.
So grateful I'm all, "Pierce could I make you some cupcakes?  Perhaps I could buy you a new bike?"
All too soon, the boys will be old enough to at least walk along with the truck as I return to the fields to bale hay again.
But until that day comes, I'm thankful for my all-to-brief hay hiatis.
And, um, I'd be amiss if I didn't say, "Good job, Paul!  WTG on getting up the hay!"  :-)


Maria said...

I know it's hard work, but it kind of does look like fun! Or maybe I'm just weird. :-P Your boys are so blessed to get to grow up on a farm!)

Mere said...

well if that's not a reason to keep having kids.... :-p

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

That's cool that you do your own hay. But it sure sounds like hard work, and I don't blame you for enjoying your time with the boys in the a/c.

My Mad World said...

Very good reason to stay inside!!
I remember all too well how much hard work that is and how itchy it is!!! Never had to do it that often but did help the grandparents when they did it. Kinda miss it but kinda glad we don't do that anymore! lol

Laura @ Green Legacy Farm said...

I know whose brain I'm going to pick as soon as we're not living on plywood anymore...

Sheree said...

Maybe...when the boys get older they can take your place and YOU can be inside making a huge and "time" consuming, delicious meal for the lot of them! Yep, that's how I would play that one! *g*

Unknown said...

This does look like tough work! We drove to NY today and saw a lot of hay being gathered. Enjoy your hay break.

Thanks for stopping by.

Unknown said...

I remember those day, from my youth, all to well.

I'm a follower now, coming over from Blogfrog.


mimilovesall8 said...

We do our own hay also but we don't do square bales any more thank goodness ! We finally round bale now.
I followed you and need followers too so could you follow me too?

jp@A Green Ridge said...

I used to love haying! It was great fun bringing in 900 bales and filling the second story of the barn! Oh, my aching back!!! And don't forget what the twine did to your hands! Maybe that's why I have a lousy back????