Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How do Shrimp and Trains and Running go together?

This past weekend we went to a shrimp boil that was a merging of the cultures.  The train and running cultures that is.  The current president of my running group, The Star City Striders, is also involved in a miniature train club.  And so it was only natural that the two organizations came together for a summer shrimp boil.

As much as I adore shrimp (and all things seafood), I couldn't help thinking a time or two with sadness of the oil spill.  Total downer.
Luckily, there were mini trains running all over the place to bring back the smiles.
Check out Pierce in train delight.  This picture just totally cracks me up.  Is it just me, or is that dog up front driving and grinning from ear to ear?
Paul and I took turns.  Riding trains vs. Managing Grumpy Twins.
Guess which one was more relaxing.
Although on the managing grumpy twins side of things, there was some very nice bluegrass music.  Which completes one of my summer bucket list items (yay!)
I think Pierce may have had the time of his life.  After riding both the trains at least 5 times each (and there was a TUNNEL in the loop for added coolness) he certainly didn't want to go home.
If there's anything more exciting than riding trains for a 3 year old boy, let me know, because I haven't found it yet.


Andrea said...

Again with the shrimp? ;) Just teasing.

Sounds like (and looks like!) a fun time. :)

Kim said...

Looks like so much fun! That shrimp looks so good—one of my fondest memories is when we went out on my dad's boat and pulled up a pot of shrimp. We went straight to the beach and built a bonfire, and boiled the shrimp. One of the best meals I've ever had in my life!

warren said...

Heck, I still love riding trains! And tractors! And bumper cars!