Friday, July 30, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - Chore Time

Memory Lane Friday is a time to preserve your memories for your family.  Each week is a different topic, but you are always welcome to write on any topic and link up.  This week's topic is 'Chore Time'.

It's no lie that I have always hated doing the dishes.  My chore growing up involved the dishwasher, and I hated it because food, post-eating, has always grossed me out.  I'd much rather muck horse stalls or clean and dress a gangrenous fetlock.  But I'm not going to write about the dishwasher this time.  Not really.  Instead, I'm going to write about my parents' bright idea when I was about 10.

We lived next door to an elderly widow that all the neighborhood kids called Aunt Pearl. She was really sweet and I enjoyed visiting with her. One day, though, my parents got this great idea that I should go trim the grass around Aunt Pearl's chain link fence. And when they informed me of this great decision, I was informed in such a way that I knew it wasn't optional.  The thing was, it was HUGE chunks of grass. Now this would've been no big deal. If we owned a weed wacker. Which we didn't. Nope. What we had were rusty Edward Scissorhands-esque grass clippers.

So instead of riding a horse and hopping around the block with my friends on my purple and green pogo ball, I spent an entire Saturday strapped to the grass clippers.  Whacking my way through monstrously thick clumps of weeds.  Hot spots grew on my skin.  I kept going.  They filled with water and popped and drained, even as more hot spots popped up.  No one had given me any gloves, you see.  I still have huge scars all over my hands from those blisters.  Okay, not really.  At least about the scar part ;-)

By the time I finished, I was done for!  My back was all cramped, my thighs were sore from squating so long, and my hands were shredded.  Aunt Pearl sure was pleased though, and gave me $2 for my all-day ripper-fest.  Looking back, it was one of those character-building experiences that kids hate and adults love.  Pretty sure my boys will have a few of those in their future - but hopefully without the blisters!

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Mere said...

Mister Linky worked! I can't believe you had to cut the grass with scissors?!...and I didn't even want to use the push mower...I didn't realize how easy I had it :-P

My Mad World said...

Sounds like something my parents would have made me do. Sorry about the blisters but at least Aunt Pearl gave you a little money for doing all that hard work.

Man, wish I would have checked out your theme this week. I skipped this one because I was thinking it was next week's theme. =( Maybe I'll do a reverse and do my chore next week instead.

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Isn't it funny how parents always seem to give kids these kinds of "character building" activities at least once?!

I hear you - there are some things where you think to yourself, "I'd rather muck out stalls or take a horse's temperature" than do THAT (whatever it is).

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Oh my goodness, varunner, I never came back to input data into mean Mr Linky...:)