Monday, July 5, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Mommy Had a Craving

It's Muffin Tin Monday again.  Pierce had skewers of olives, fake crabmeat, and string cheese, a banana on a stick, and homemade mashed garlic potatoes.  I had a craving for those mashed pototoes.  With the skin left on red potatoes.  Are you a skin on or skin off potato-fan?  These sure hit the spot!  Pierce devoured every last bite except the mashed potatoes.  Go figure.  Oh well, more for Mommy.

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Now let's talk about my chickens for a minute.  I'm thinking all ten of them came from bad eggs.  You know, the type of devious, no good, low-laying sons of chicks that you don't want in your neighborhood.  See, they should be laying by now.  Particularly Horace.  But oh no.  Either they're hiding the eggs or they're holding out. 
Have you ever heard those stories of criminals in jail that stuff contraband so far up their you-know-whats that the guards can't find it during a search?  Criminals that can be subjected to 14 doses of laxatives and STILL won't let that contraband out?  Well, I'm thinking our chickens could give those criminals a run for their money.  Because they sure aren't giving up the eggs.  Maybe this week will be the big week?


Mary said...

I would say I am usually a skin off type of gal. BUT the the red skin taters are so good with the skin left on.

Tell your chickens to get crackin on those eggs! What the heck? Ha

Anonymous said...

I would have eaten the potatoes. I love them skin on. My son has a friend Joe that has to drink prune juice to eliminate. Will they drink prune juice?

w said...

i like the skin on.

are you pregnant?

dude. i'm assuming elvis is not part of the bad crew. i mean. he's bad. but not that kind. he's the other kind. the thunderbirds grease kind.

Andrea said...

Happy MTM! Interesting combo in that tin. I'm all about ANY kind of potatoes. YUM!

Jenny said...

Your lunch is really cute. I definitely prefer the skins on because otherwise mashed potatoes are too much for me.