Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exclusive Track Will No Longer Include Me. I'm a little BITTER.

On the nights of the All Comers track meets, I typically get the kids ready and head to the track an hour before the meet starts.  This way I can get in a speed workout before the meet.
So it was with dismay on Tuesday that I arrived to the track to find this:

Someone had put a thick layer of mulch across every single lane of the track.
So we goofed around and tried to find someone who knew about the mulch.
No one did.
Finally others in charge of the All Comers meet arrived, and they worked together to clear one lane.

But alas, by this time it was too late for my workout.
Pierce, was not disturbed at all by the delays.
He took the opportunity to dig in fresh dirt along the edges of the track, saying that he was a Baby Jaguar (thanks, Diego).

Now, even worse (MUCH WORSE) than the mulch situation is this:

That's right, a fence is going up around the track.
A big fence that will involve a turn stile. 
Supposedly, the fence is to keep out skaters and bikers (neither of which I have EVER seen on the track in all my workouts there over the past 7 years).
What does this mean for me, mother of 3, seeking to regain my fitness?
It means that I'll be excluded from the track.
My jogging stroller will not fit through a turn stile.
The track is technically for the high school.  But it is also supposed to serve the community.  Tax payers dollars and all that.
However, it will no longer serve me or other parents with jogging strollers.
I find this disappointing.
I had really gotten into a good groove with my track workouts.
Now, I either have to find a babysitter to go run on the track or I have to find another track.
On a brighter note, here is a picture of Pierce, with all 3 of his medals he earned this summer by participating in the All Comers meets:


jp@A Green Ridge said...

I personally think you should voice your complaint to a higher level. That absolutely STINKS!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

I agree - I think that you should voice your complaint on a higher level, too! They should know that, OBVIOUSLY, every community has mothers (and fathers) who may need to bring along a stroller for their workouts. I can understand wanting to keep bikers and skaters off the track, but there needs to be a better solution.

Anonymous said...

I hate when places don't think of moms with strollers. So annoying!