Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh My Dear, Dear Twins. Today You are One.

How did this happen?  The twins are ONE?!? 
Seems like just yesterday I was the most pregnant woman on earth, trudging up hills backwards and trying to start labor.
In case you missed it, find the birth story HERE.

It's been an interesting year.  There were many days and nights, particularly in the first 7.5 months, when I didn't think we'd make it.
Thankfully, we surely did, and the days now have many more ups than downs.

The best part about having twins has been seeing them together:
Watching them play peek-a-boo together.
Seeing how - all day long - they stay side by side in play.  It is a rare occassion that they aren't side by side, shoulders touching.
Hearing their call.  What, you ask?  They have a unique call - they use it to call one another.  I know that's really odd, but they truly do.  If I'm changing the diaper of one, I'll hear the other one call out for him.  It's so cool to me that they are always keeping one another in their thoughts.
Seeing them comfort each other.  I've seen Reid pat Cort on the head when he was having a hard time.
And even the rare fights are kind of interesting too.  The worst of which was when Reid stole Cort's vanilla wafer cookie.  Whew, was CORT EVER MAD over that!  I didn't think he was ever going to get over it, and in addition to the screaming, he gave Reid some dirty looks that should've burned holes in his skin they were so stink-eyed mean.
Individually, the twins are certainly fraternal.  Different colored eyes, different sizes, different blood types, and different interests.  It really is surprising they stay side by side all day, when they are so different.

Reid loves to eat.  If I place a snack on the floor he will shove so much in his mouth that there's overflow, mostly to try to keep his brother from getting his share. ;-)
Reid is very focused on walking
He can stand, squat, and take 2-3 steps unassisted.
Reid can clap.  He loves to dance.  He sucks his thumb.  He has NO teeth.  That's right, none.  He asked for dentures for his birthday, but I couldn't find anyone who makes them that small.
He's a heavy sleeper and would sleep in if his brother didn't wake him up in the mornings.

Cort is our temperamental child.  But he makes up for that by being endearing as well.
He'll get in sweet moods where he'll snuggle anything with two legs.  Or four, for that matter.

Cort claps, adores peek-a-boo, waves bye bye, and dances on command.
Cort has a funny bone and likes to be a joker.  Cort takes a paci.
He is a picky eater and will actually scream if I serve him a meal that does not involve fruit and/or chopped up hot dog.  Those are his accepted foods.  All other foods get looks of disgust and are violently tossed to the floor.  Cort has his 2 bottom front teeth.  Both twins are still breastfeeding in addition to eating 3 meals and a couple of snacks each day.  And although neither is speaking yet, they each know their individual names and will come appropriately if called.

It didn't take us long after the twins were born to realize things like shopping and dining out would never be the same. I could do without all the "You've got your hands full!" comments we get everywhere we go.  I've heard it 4,000 times since having the twins.  I also particularly despise "Better you than me!".  So if you see someone in the store with twins, whatever you do, don't say THAT!  Instead, try one of my two favorite comments I've received: "You've got a full heart" or "You're doing a great job!"

So happy first birthday to the twins! 
I can't imagine life without them.
Some days, they bring me so much joy that I truly realize how lucky I am to get to experience twin-ness.


Elizabeth said...

What a great blog Lisa! I can't wait to see them again.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little guys! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Jeremi said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Boys!!
You guys made it through the first year with twins, that's reason to celebrate .....
Nice post : )

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Happy birthday, Reid and Cort!

Mary said...

Happy birthday little guys! AND congrats to mama taking care of twin boys! :)

Hayley said...

Aw, happy birthday to your boys... and congrats for still being sane!

This was a fun update. I find myself comparing it all to my own twins.

Glad you're still hangin in there, lady. Sorry I haven't been around much. Been SUPER busy. But hopefully will be slowing down next week :)

My Mad World said...

Happy Birthday big boys! It sure goes quick. Smart and cute little boys momma!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to the boys! And congratulations for surviving it; I still can't believe we're 1 now too.
I have to agree on the comments; I know people are just trying to find something to say, but oy!
I did hear a great one the other day though, and I actually thanked her : ). She said, "oh look at that stroller full of blessings!" I thought that was so sweet, and so much better than the standard, you've got your hands full.

Lauren said...

You are doing a GREAT job, Lisa. Truly.

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday to your two handsome fellows! I've known a lot of twins in my day and have always been envious of that shared bond.

The giant smiles on their faces is enough to tell me that you ARE doing a great job!


(Stopped here from Mom Loop. Was going to comment on the most recent post but then got distracted with all the other posts. I love your blog!)

jennohara said...

Such a great blog! Your boys are adorable :)
Found you through FRIDAY COMMENT FOLLOW! Glad I did. I'll be checking back :)