Saturday, August 28, 2010

WHOOSH! The Zipline at Wintergreen

Last weekend when I found out that Wintergreen had a zipline, I knew we had to ride it.  We ended up waiting around for 3 extra hours just so we could ride it before heading home.  It was well worth the wait.

First, you watch an instructional video on how to ride "the Zip".  Then you get fitted in a rock climbing harness and helmet.

That's me up there - on the tower to the right.
After having watched the video about safety, I wasn't nervous at all!

And I'm off!  Once you get the all clear to go, you sit back like in a chair.  The young girl next to me, who was probably about 12, cried.

Next it was Paul's turn to ride the Zip while I watched the twins.

Paul is the one on the right.

What a fun weekend!  I hope we get to go back soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh that looks like a lot of fun!!

My Mad World said...

That looks like a lot of fun!!! I would have loved to have tried it!!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

That's my baby girl...just a zipping along! Believe it or not, I think I, too, would like that...:)

warren said...

You should try the zipline near Fayetteville, WV...It's th eonly one I have ever done but it was amazing!

Pepper said...

I've never been on a zipline before. I'm too chicken, I guess. Looks like so much fun, though :)