Friday, September 3, 2010

Memory Lane Friday - A Collection

Memory Lane Friday is a time to preserve your memories for your family.  All are welcome.  This week's topic is "A Collection"

I had a hard time thinking of any particular collection.  I had a variety of smaller collections though.  Here, a guided picture tour (using google images, not my own) through 80s toys I collected:
My Little Pony

Strawberry Shortcake
Hmmm.  It's funny to me how some of these toys have made a comeback.

A butterfly collection (which I saved up for from my allowance and ordered from the Sear's catalog)

Garbage Pail Kids cards.  I remember laughing hilariously over these with my friends.

Baseball cards from the late 80s, which I still have.  However, my younger brother stole the goods ones after I left for college.

Horse toys (Playmobile, Breyer) and horse books, particularly those by C.W. Anderson.

I also had a decent sized collection of little glass animals.  My mom would buy me one each time I had to get an allergy shot.  Then I had an allergic reaction to the allergy shots.  So that put an end to that - but she'd still pick up a little glass animal for my collection now and then.

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Next week's topic is "A Time You Were Sick"


Jeremi said...

My girls now love anything Strawberry Shortcake and My LIttle Pony : ) I was boring and only collected SPOONS!!

The Princess said...

Because my mom was the stocking manager at our local Toys'R'Us, I had all of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls (in regular dolls and in miniatures with all of their houses). Well I had all of them with the exception of "Baby Without a Name". I had an obscene amount of Barbie dolls and accessories (I had Dallas and Midnight and all the other "need to haves" of the early/mid 80's). While I do not have any of them from when I was growing up, I do currently have 3 wardrobe boxes of NIB Barbies in storage. I also collected baseball cards until the 1994 strike; I lost interest in MLB after that and quit wasting my money on them.

Sonya Heilmann said...

Yeah, it's amazing how some things make comebacks! Livie is now into My Little Pony!

Somehow, I just KNEW you were going to say something about horse books. ;)

Chicken Wrangler said...

Collections are such fun - I had Breyer horses years back - they were either gifts, or some I purchased from time to time. Today I collect chickens!

Nicole said...

I didn't join in this week, couldn't really think of anything... but now after your post I should have talked about all the strawberry shortcake stuff I had. I still have some and the strawberry carrying case, Maddie plays with it now!

Mere said...

would you like your baseball cards back? I can fish them out of his collection...;-) Although, I might get in trouble for that :-D

Myya said...

So funny about toys making a comeback... my girls love Strawberry Shortcake & My Little Pony, oh & Carebears too! Garbage Pail Kids, I totally forgot about these. They were a huge hit in my house when I was growing up. As a mom I wouldn't let my kids have them now though, they are awful! Well ok maybe I would. It's all in fun right :)

Andrea (ace1028) said...

I hate that I don't get to do these memes with you weekly. I just have none of the pictures from my memories around. At least not the old ones. I'll see if I can come up w/ a post for next week. Oh, well, I just had a cold, so does that count? Still working my way to healthy. Hmmn, now that I think about it I might have the perfect post, after all (one with a lot of griping in it, that OK?) ... :>