Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Chickens are Spoiled

Every afternoon Pierce likes to have a snack of popcorn.  I used to do microwave popcorn, until I noticed that it gave me headaches every time I ate it.  So for a while I didn't eat popcorn.
Then Paul's parents got us this Whirleypop.
We've had it for a while.
It just takes a minute or two longer than microwave - it's actually really quick.
The only thing I don't like, in fact, is just that it takes up a lot of space (we have a small kitchen).

Half cup of popcorn kernals, 1 tbsp of olive oil, and a couple of minutes later you have perfectly fluffy popcorn.
Pierce puts various flavor seasonings on his.
And never eats more than two bowls.
And even if I eat two bowls, we still have a lot left over.

So, what to do with all those leftovers?
Turns out the ladies (and Crockett) just love popcorn.
In fact, the chickens have gotten a little spoiled.
Now, every day around 2:30 they come wait under the porch for their popcorn.
And I confess.
I may have just possibly made them popcorn one day when Pierce wasn't even home.


Unknown said...

lmbo.. first of all that thing looks cool. My son loves popcorn

Unknown said...

We love popcorn here, too! And I'm in love with your chickens, Lisa. Can I come visit and feed them popcorn? So jealous!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that reminds me that I haven't had popcorn in AGES! May have to pop me up some tomorrow for lunch.

I like the trained chickens!

My Mad World said...

Love that popcorn popper!! You're chickens are getting a little spoiled! lol

Hey, check out My Mad World tomorrow... there just might be something there for you.. =)

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

That looks like a fun gadget!

Lucky chickens!

Myya said...

That is funny that they wait for it now. I definitely don't think there is anything wrong with spoiling them... heck maybe this will help them lay more for you :)

warren said...

I love that whilypop! Never used one but it looks awesome! We used to pop popcorn in cast iron on an open fire...with no lid. It was a blast when we were kids and I bet your chickens would love to clean up for you!