Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Will You Buy Me Cars? Mine is Scratched.

We've had the gunk going around the house.  I was stricken a little over a week ago, and as the days have progressed so has my misery.  This weekend it became clear to me that I had developed a sinus infection.  Granted, with time and a heavy dose of Neti Pot, these things can correct themselves.  However, what I don't have is time, with the NYC marathon quickly approaching.  And last time I tried to ignore a lingering sinus infection while running a marathon I returned home with pneumonia.  So I didn't want to repeat that. 

I was able to get a doctor appointment with the second place I tried, but would have to bring all 3 boys.  With Cort and Reid having the same gunk as me, I didn't want to spread germs on a babysitter.  Taking all 3 boys to the doctor with me causes anxiety.  I never know what will progress.  I loaded up with sippies and a pb+j (cut into tiny pieces) and off we went.  Pierce brought in his Cars book.  It's one of those books that has a steering wheel attached and plays various tunes.  While I worked to provide insurance and such, Pierce immediately settled in with an elderly lady on the couch.  It amazes me, how friendly he is.  I never strike up conversations with strangers.  What would be the point?  But Pierce?  He's right there every time.  So he quickly began teaching this lady all the tricks of his Cars book, while I squirmed uncomfortably, hoping that he wasn't disturbing her.  Granted, he's kinda cute and sweet, but some people just don't like kids, and I want to respect that.  Next thing I know, he's announced to the entire crowded waiting room that this lady is going to buy him a new copy of Cars, the movie, because his is scratched.  My face flushed with embarassment, and at the same time I tried not to laugh.

Thankfully, we got called back then.  Cort and Reid were in the double bob stroller, but they were getting restless.  Pierce was romping back and forth through the halls.  Is it any wonder, when they took my blood pressure, it was 137/90?  They must make allowances for moms who bring in 3 kids to the doctor when sick, because they didn't say anything about the elevation.  They were also kind enough to allow me to forego the scale.

In the examination room, Pierce declared himself sick and climbed on the table.  The twins ate their pb+j, doled out piece by piece.  The doctor examined me, and wrote a prescription for a Z Pack.  We survived and headed straight to the pharmacy, where Reid attached himself to the pharmacist and refused to let go.  Seriously, he ran straight to her, held up his arms to her, and yelled.  Apparently, he was saying, 'PICK ME UP' in Reid-speak.  So she did.  But then he clung to her as if he'd never let go and she couldn't put him down and so he settled in for a good snuggle.  Thumb in mouth, head on her shoulder, as though she wasn't some stranger he'd just met for the first time, but instead a long lost friend.  When I see him like that - turning to a random person for love - I feel terrible.  I want to just scoop him up, tell him I'm sorry I don't hold him enough, and never put him down again.  Because he is the most laid back of the boys, he seems to get the least attention.  I need more arms and more laps.  In fact, Cort is the only one who snarls his nose up at strangers. 

The bottom line is, we made it through the experience, and hopefully the medicine will clear up the gunk in no time.  I truly hope I don't need to return to the doctor in a very long while!


jp@A Green Ridge said...

I want you ready for your NYC drink lots of fluids, like I said (oh, & maybe a PB cup too!)...:)JP

Anonymous said...

Lisa - I sure hope you feel better soon. I had to smile reading your description of the doctor visit :) I will be thinking of you this weekend!


Angela said...

I hope that you get better! I am fighting some kind of a cold. Trying to go the holistic way. The weather chancing didn't help did it!

I can't imagine going to the doctor with 3 boys in tote! I have 2 kids. 1 girl and 1 boy. It used to be so challenging to go to a doctor appointment with both of them but now they are both in school so I can go then.

I can't help but to laugh out loud about your boys! Life is never dull with them around is it! hehehe I just have the one boy and he keeps me on my toes.

Have a Great Day!

Mere said...

Grady has some gunk too...I wonder who gave it to whom...

hope you are all better for the marathon!

Myya said...

Hope you are feeling better. That is funny about your blood pressure being up, I bet they totally expected that. I'm sure your boys were really good. I always get sweaty & panic that my girls are being awful but usually more times then not I get compliments about how good they are. The mom worries too much. So nice of the little old lady to buy him a new movie LOL :)

Myya said...

I bet Reid made that Pharmacist's day. Who doesn't want to snuggle with a sweet little cutie! Don't be so hard on yourself. Your boys know that you love them.