Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Border Collie Madness

Right now?  I'm running.  I'm running as hard as I can.  Gulping for air as I run after Her.  I can't let Her get away this time.  I push harder, every muscle burning as I strive to catch Her.

She's got my boys. 

She starts to pull away from me.  And I'm running out of energy.
I just can't seem to catch Her.  Push!  Push!  Push!  Why aren't my legs any faster?

Finally, discouraged, I slow down to a jog. 
She pulls even further away.
Until I watch the headlights round the corner.

I find myself about a half mile from home, paws slightly tender on the gravel under my feet.
Even though I am trying to be dignified, a small sob escapes me.

I turn around and start trotting towards home. 
Along the way are my friends Copper and Moon.  Well, Copper is a friend, anyhow.  Moon is a little stuck up.  I don't think she likes me so much.  But I go off-road for a minute to say hi to Copper.  Through the wooden fence boards, we greet in customary fashion, by sniffing scent glands.
When I smell him, a vision of his day passes.  I see the sights of damp earth, morning walks, Kong-chasing, and dry kibble.  I guess when he scents me he smells the wood stove and babies and cats and chickens.

I don't stay long.  I'll be in trouble if I'm not home when She gets home. 

I round the corner and head up towards the house, wary of the mean old rooster Crockett.  I don't see him anywhere, so I head up on the porch to my doghouse.

The aloneness hits me, and I howl a few times in sadness.  I want my family back.  Briefly, I wish that they would give me doggie valium for these alone moments, like my friend Shasta at the shelter, before I got adopted.  She chewed her back bald and afterwards got doggie valium daily.

I could totally go for some doggie valium right now.
Resigned, I lay down to chew my toes and count the moments until She returns.
I hate waiting.

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jp@A Green Ridge said...

Is Scooter that neurotic? Poor thing...perhaps you should get a Kong too! Oh and one more thing, in defense of Moon...she's not stuck up; she wants to be sure that Scooter is NOT associated with the "riff raff" down your way! LOL!!!...:)JP

Unknown said...

I always hated leaving my dog at home when I went to work years ago. I would hear his howl when I started the car in the morning.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

ah, i love this story. at first i didn't know who was doing the running since you are a marathoner....lol. thanks for commenting on my blog. i joined yours just now and look forward in following you!

Andrea said...

Oh! Poor puppy! You may want to invest in some valium! I have a good friend for the pup, my dog is equally as crazy, but does not have free reign!

Angela said...

Great story! You know my girls could almost care less when I leave the house anymore. They seem to know that I'll be back at some point in time. When I do return they are so excited and happy to see me. Jazz runs up to the truck and escorts me to the garage. She stands there waiting patiently for me to get out of the truck in high hopes of getting a little snackie from my outing!

Your pup is adorable!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Awww, poor pup. I'm sure She is home now with your family.

The Boston Lady said...

Isn't it something how they are so sad when we go and then deliriously happy when we return? I hope Scooter gets used to the separations soon and finds happiness in the reunions. Loved the way you told this story. Ann

Texan said...

LOL I wasnt sure who was running either and when you said "she's got my boys" LOL I thought YIKES who has her boys LOL... yes these doggies like to be with their humans...

ClassyChassy said...

I was wondering as I read your post - and I REALLY wondered as anal glands and chewing toes was mentioned! Have a happy Holiday Season!

Dawn said...

Oh shoot! You scared me...I thought someone took your kids and drove away with them and YOU were doing the running?!
:) Phew!
Sad for puppy- but glad it was just the puppy;)

TexWisGirl said...

I loved this post! Poor Scooter! Thanks for dropping by my blog today! I've seen your comments on JP's blog and am envious that you two are neighbors! Love it!

Chatty Crone said...

I didn't know who you were talking about at first either - I thought you were talking about yourself too. Cute Story.


Kim said...

I love it. Very fun!