Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Myths and Legends - Memory Lane Friday

Memory Lane Friday is a weekly blog carnival where you can link up with your memories.  This week's topic is Family Myths and Legends. 

On a side note, yesterday I missed the first day of blogging since I started in December 2009.  It was not by choice.  I haven't been able to get into my blog since early Wednesday morning!  I still can't get into my blog from Internet Explorer, but I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and I can get in that way, for now.  Very frustrating.  And this browser isn't working too well for me either, as my mouse keeps skipping around and deleting things I write!  I know I have a lot of catching up to do, and hope I can find time to visit blogs today and that I will be able to comment again now.

I had hoped to scan some pictures and do a dual post (with stories from each side of the family) this week, but since I couldn't get on I'll be keeping it simple.

Legend:  I never met my great, great, great paternal grandmother, but this story is true.  She was sitting by the fireplace during a huge thunderstorm one evening.  A bolt of lightening came down the chimney and struck her foot.  For the rest of her life, her foot never quite healed.  My uncle told me that as a child, he was never allowed near the fireplace during storms.

Myth:  I've only heard this story from my maternal grandfather once, so I will try to recollect it the best I can.  We have a lot of musical talent on this side of the family, even today, of the Appalachian variety.  Many years ago, a relative who was a shining star on the banjo had passed.  After the funeral, family was gathered around the porch, reminiscing his memories.  Someone started saying that they should play a tune on his banjo.  Everyone had mixed feelings.  A few warned not to touch it.  But after much debate, a fellow picked up the banjo and played just one song, the deceased's favorite.  Afterwards, he set the banjo down against the wall and there was much silence from the gathering.  Slowly, quietly, the banjo picked out the last refrain from the song --- all by itself.

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Shell said...

The lightning one freaks me out a bit!

OurWanderingAdventures said...

Wow, that is amazing! Very cool!

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

Wow! The lightning story is scary! That's why I don't like being near the windows, or on the phone/computer when there's a storm.

That banjo story is a fun legend to read about. I'm glad you included it!

(Oh, and your comment DID go through over at "Under the Desert Sky," in case you were wondering.)

TexWisGirl said...

:) i like both stories but WOW! lightning strike to the foot!

Valerie Boersma said...

Myth or not, the banjo story gave me goosebumps!
And I have a similar lightening story-when my sisters and I were small, we were visiting our neighbor's house in Pennsylvania during a storm. Lightening hit the house and came straight out of the TV almost hitting one of my sisters. We were all pretty freaked out!
Sorry about your blog troubles:( I've lost all my followers on mine today.

jp@A Green Ridge said...

You have some freaky relatives, don't you?!?!?!...:)JP

Ginny Hartzler said...

Spooky stories!! I came by a few times yesterday and wondered about you, because you post every day. About your computer problem, I just had it happen to me. It was because the new I.E. 9 isn't compatible with the old editor on blogger. See if you are still using the old editor, and switch to the new. Firefox works because it's compatible with both. I have Firefox and I.E. both, because you always need a fallback browser.

Anonymous said...

I need to keep JDaniel away from the fireplace during storms.

Jeremi said...

very cool stories!!

Sandy said...

I have a fireplace so the lightning story freaks me out. We don't get many storms in the desert but I am betting next time we do I will keep myself and the dogs away from the fireplace.