Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Parentals and Uncle-Aunt-alentals

Normally we would've headed to my parents' house on Christmas itself, but due to freezing rain we had to delay it one day. So we headed there today. Leaving the house is no small feat right now. The twins have to be dressed, fed, diapered. Pierce has to be dressed (with tantrum). Carseats. Diapers. Etc. To complicate matters, our long, windy, hilly driveway is still covered in snow and ice. Our vehicles can't make it up the driveway (not even the four wheel drive). So we have to lug ourselves, whatever junk we are toting, and the three kids down the driveway. Fun times. We made it out though.

I'm pretty sure my family is sitting around right now saying, "Do you think she's going to put us on the blog? I hope she doesn't put us on the blog."
Yup, folks, you're on the blog.

These are my parents, aka Cat Cat and Pop Pop. And Cort, keeping them busy. Cort likes to keep people busy. Because he
And here is my aunt and uncle, George and Pam. Pam is my father's sister. Note the hand, resting gently on Jackie (my parents' dog). Jackie knows a warm heart when she sees one. She knows exactly where to go. You see, Pam has this really beautiful laugh, and I think it's like music to doggie ears. It says, "Come here, and you will be loved and safe and petted. I know exactly where to scratch your ears".
My brother, Taylor, was with his wife and her family this Christmas. We definitely missed him, but are looking forward to meeting his new son in the very near future. But my young-er-est brother, John, was around. This is John.
Note the guitar. John and his guitar are attached. You could try to take it away from him. You could try really hard. But you would lose. And really, you wouldn't want to take it away, because he's pretty good.
Turns out that Cort, who likes to be entertained at all times (and by all means, you'd better not stop the entertaining for one second) loved watching John play the guitar. He tried to join in by playing with his socks, but it didn't work out too well. Cort would like John to come play the guitar for him in the middle of the night so that I can sleep. This is Cort's deepest lifelong dream.
A very good time was had by all (and oh my goodness was the food good), but here is the person who had the best time of all:
Look at him, just giddy over all the attention he got and ALL THE TOYS. He couldn't have had a better time if we'd taken him to Disneyland...and there wouldn't be nearly as much love there :-)

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