Friday, December 18, 2009

A Retraction and An Addendum

Last night after reading my blog on the wood stove, Paul said, "I'm not obsessed!"

obsessive adj. 1. Of, relating to, characteristic of, or causing an obsession. 2. Excessive in degree or nature. -- The American Heritage College Dictionary

And so, my apologies, for calling Paul obsessed with the wood stove. He is definitely not obsessed. His next response was, "How come you didn't write about the spread sheet?!?"
Yes, Paul has a spread sheet about the wood stove. But make no mistake. This is not to be considered obsessive. Every night Paul goes to read the meter and jots notes about it on a list that is on our fridge. Nope, not obsessive.

He then plugs this data into a spread sheet every few days. It's an accountant thing. Accountants just love spread sheets. When I see a row of numbers, it's as though someone flicks a white noise switch in my brain...all I see or hear is static. Paul sees a row of numbers and the gears start turning and he hears the theme music from Mission Impossible.
I'm glad there is someone in our family who will be able to help our boys with their math homework. Because believe me, I am a lost cause. And if they're really lucky, maybe Pierce, Cort, and Reid will have their own spread sheets on the fridge one day :-)

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