Friday, December 18, 2009

Of Cookies and Other Warm Fuzzy Things

Last night was the cookie exchange for the Multiples Club. It was nice to escape the house for a bit of adult conversation. There were tons of delicious cookies and a very tasty rum punch.
This is Julia and Jamie. You know what's cool about them? They both are moms to triplets! Can you imagine? And look how cute they look! If I had triplets I'd look like I'd been living on the streets for the past 10 years. Heck, I already look that way most days and I only have twins.
Denise hosted the party, and she planned a funny game where you had to go around the table guessing the reindeer poo...which was actually smushed up candy bars. I didn't fare well because I mixed up baby ruths with snickers.

So overall it was a fun night, even if I was on such a sugar high when I got home that I couldn't fall asleep until midnight (and then the twinsomniacs woke up at 1:00 am). Here I am (on the right) with Julia:

Cort cooperated for a photo op last night by conveniently falling asleep. So he was still long enough for me to zoom in on a close up.
And of course, Reid was still for his own close up. He took to sucking his thumb about two weeks ago. So cute.
The twins aren't the only ones sleepy around here today. I think even the animals know there is a big snow storm rolling in.
In preparation for the storm, Pierce and I decided to get together some things for the birds. I saw this craft in Woman's World a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked like a fun one. It was messy though! Basically you just hot glue gun some craft sticks together in ornament shapes, paint with peanut butter, then dip in bird seed. We attached a ribbon using the glue gun as well.

The birds should enjoy if we really do get the predicted 12 inches.


Anonymous said...

Love your pictures. Has Pierce gotten to see any birds eating from his ornaments yet?

Andrea said...

OK, so I am going through your posts to find the one about the Dora phone (just read it, FAN-figgin-tastic ... ;)!) and I gasped just now, as your cat looks exactly like my old man cat who passed away before the holidays. I'm totally freaked out right now. There are few words, I just had to tell you. I hope you see this comment, or I'll be e-mailing you shortly to say the same. Wow.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Really?! That's Claude. He's a Maine Coon that we adopted. He's getting into old-man-land himself at the age of 11 this spring.

Andrea said...

He's beautiful. Give him a snuggle for me!