Friday, January 8, 2010

Are You Ready to Rumble?

Yup, here we are.  So cute.  So innocent.  Babies in bear suits at their finest.

Are you looking at me?  QUIT looking at me!

Why does my ear feel all funny?

CORT!  Get off me!  Leave my bear ears alone!

This isn't what it looks like.  I'm certainly not trying to wreak revenge on my brother for pulling my ears. 
Besides, look at Cort.  He likes it.

I'll teach you to mess with me.

Happy five months boys.  You sure do make life fun. 


Labay Family said...

You sure got some cute little bears there! Happy 5 Months boys!

Andrea said...

They are beautiful! Looking forward to swapping with ya! (Packages, not kids!) ;)