Thursday, January 7, 2010

Come Running with Me

So yesterday I got out for a run with my new camera.  I ordered a small camera that I could easily tote around with me through some Hilton Honors points I'd saved up.  And I figured what better way to test it out than to use it to escort my readers through a virtual run.  No worries if you're not in good shape.  It'll only be a 3 miler, although it is rather hilly ;-)  Dress warm, because although it is a balmy 30* outside, the wind chill is brutal.

First down the driveway.  It's still kind of icy, so watch you don't bite it like I did last week. 

We are going to warm up quickly, in spite of the wind, because we immediately go up and over two rolling hills.  Then around the bend.  And about 3/4 mile into the run we come to big-long-work-your-butt-off hill. Really, it'll work your glutes so good.

Almost to the top, not too much further...

The top is just around that bend to the right...
And you didn't even have to walk.  See what fun that was!  Check it looks like the giants have been having a snowball fight again. 

Glad I didn't get impaled by one of those.  This row of four rocks marks almost to the halfway point.  Remember El Diablo, the black dog that wanted to eat me last week? 

 Well, here is El Diablo's house.  Eek.  I don't want to go to close.  Good thing this is the turn around.  If I was braver I'd get a picture of El Diablo for you.  But I am not brave.  I just value my ankles too much.  I don't know for sure El Diablo is her name, but I figured that is a little nicer than Beeeyotch. 

There she lurks, somewhere to the right, just waiting to take a good chomp.
Now is a good time to head back.  Not to mention, we're halfway.  Went by faster than you thought, didn't it?

Me, hoping no neighbors drive by to see me taking pictures of myself in the middle of winter, in the middle of the road.  Oh, there goes that crazy runner again.  She must've really lost it after she had those twins.  She's taking pictures in the middle of the road.  Poor thing.  Someone should call a doctor.  Or the police. 

Look, it's my shadow!  Looks like shadow needs to lose a few pounds.  Or maybe a layer or two.  And now for some fun.  We get to run down the big hill!

 On Frozen pond.

And now past the neighbor's donkeys.  I need to include their picture so when I complain about them in the future, you'll know what I'm talking about.  They are about 1/4 mile from home.

Up and over one more rolling hill, then up the driveway.  Come on, admit it.  You had fun.  It's not every day you get to run somewhere new. 

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