Monday, February 8, 2010

6 Month Old Aspirations

The twins are 6 months old today.  So hard to believe, and bittersweet of course.  Unfortunately, we spent the day at the pediatrician's office.  Cort has a raging ear infection, and in fact, I've been up since 2:30 am.  Hopefully he will feel better soon.  Reid's ears checked out okay, so hopefully his cold won't progress to anything else. 

Things Reid and Cort love at 6 months old:
  • Watching Pierce play
  • The Jumperoo
  • Having me blow raspberries on their necks and tummies
  • Car rides
  • Baths
Reid is more laid back and snuggly.  He absolutely hates to have his fingernails clipped or his temperature taken.  He gets mad each night at bedtime when his aquarium cuts off.  He is perfectly content to sit on my lap all day long, looking at his hands.  He enjoys different textures, and when in the exersaucer gravitates towards the fuzzy textured zebra.  He sucks his thumb.  And of course, Reid loves loves loves to eat.
Reid's future aspirations:
Iron Chef
Betty Crocker CEO
LaZBoy tester

Cort is less snuggly but more active than Reid.  He rolls to wherever he wants in the living room, and can do a sort of inch worm crawling maneuver to steal Pierce's toys.  Cort loves to sing even though he can't carry a tune.  He loves to fake laugh and will laugh back and forth with you over and over in the most charming way.  Cort can be temperamental and always wants to be entertained.  He uses a pacifier.  He thrives using his hands and really enjoys things like the LeapFrog computers and pianos.
Cort's future aspirations:
Horror Movie Extra
Border Patrol


Andrea said...

TOO adorable! :P Love the images, most especially! I haven't forgotten about the giveaway, just off track of late. Your pkg is on the way, let me know when it gets there!

Labay Family said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday Boys! They are sooo cute!