Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Baby Blog Swap

Kelly, from 3 Kids, A Minivan, & A Lot of Love, hosted a baby blog swap last month.  The rules were simple...you send the other blogger you're paired with a box of goodies not to exceed $30.  That's it!  If you're interested in doing this, she posted yesterday that she'll be hosting another blog swap in the very near future.

My blog partner was Andrea, from Good Girl Gone Redneck.  Andrea has a fun loving, creative mommy blog, so be sure to check it out!  We got our package of goodies from her and daughter yesterday.  Pierce was very excited to open it up when I said it was from Andrea and her little one.  He remembered sending her the package we put together (mostly because he wanted all the goodies for himself!)  Our blog box from Andrea including all the following great stuff:  3 mini Peppermint Stick Luna bars, 1 Dinosaur book, 1 sheet of Toy Story stickers, a container of foam letter stickers, a container of foam animal stickers, heart cookie cutters, a set of two bowls, two plates, 2 silverwares, and 2 bibs for the twins, a Farm Babies and a Farm Feast book, Wonder Pets puzzle (Pierce's favorite thing), washable Crayola crayons, Winnie the Pooh nightlight, sidewalk chalk, and a car sticker book.  Here is the motherload:

Pierce got into the stickers on his own...

And he sort of let Cort help work the Wonder Pets puzzle:

Here are the twins sporting their new bibs, which they liked to chew on.  Look at their poor little glassy eyes.  They're still feeling awful, and they really aren't eating much.  Hopefully they'll feel better soon.

Thanks, Andrea!  To see what the boys and I sent her, keep an eye on her blog.  Also, Andrea is going to host a giveaway for me in the near future :-)

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Andrea said...

I'm glad they all enjoyed everything! I will be getting my post up soon about my goodies from you guys!