Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can Tuesday be Better than Monday? Please??

Yesterday was one.of.those.days.  I don't know if Cort is teething or if he's not feeling well or if he's just being his surly-self.  But whatever was wrong, he spent 90% of the day crying.  And I spent the day repeating over and over in my mind "Mommy WILL NOT run away, Mommy WILL NOT run away, Mommy WILL NOT run away".  It just -- whew, it really gets to me when the crying will.not.stop

So I worked really hard all day to entertain the royal Cort and keep him happy.  Well, if not happy, at a minimum complacent.  Well, okay, if not complacent, at least not crying for a whole 5 minutes at a time.  The twins worked on their learning table:

They embraced their inner Picasso:

Pierce even gave Cort some hugs and kisses:

But we couldn't get Cort to smile. 

Good thing Reid smiled big enough for both of them.
And good thing Cort is still cute.
Even when surly.


Andrea said...

Oh man. They are just TOO cute. Squeeze the lil ones' cheeks for me!

Elizabeth said...

Ms. Mattie has the same learning table!

Labay Family said...

Ahhhh, they are so adorable! It always seems like the bad days are REALLY bad and the good days are REALLY good. Just keep repeating,"This 2 shall pass". Good Luck!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Thanks all. Turns out Cort spiked a fever this morning so I got him into the doctor. He has another ear infection. Second in 2 weeks! Poor baby. No wonder he's been having such a rough time. Definitely explains a lot.

Maria said...

Poor kiddo, but I'm glad you figured out what the problem was! Hope he's feeling better asap.