Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fighting the Inner Hoarder

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about finding 17 phone books and something like 16 water bottles when cleaning out the kitchen.  I was trying to make space for Pierce's art supplies, which had gotten out of control in my pantry.  One thing led to another and I am happy to report that things are slightly reorganized in a much happier fashion.

What started out as art supply overload:

Turned into Pierce's own little cubby cabinet:

Note that I was able to put those 6 koozies I found to good use by using them to corral markers and pens.

And then I tackled a couple of other things.  Even Paul got involved by a impromptu building project.  So what started out as this:

Became this:

Thanks, Paul!

I also had tons of little baking odds and ends floating around the pantry in a messy unorganized fashion:

But a few tupperwares roped them in:

The nice thing about this is that they are organized in such a way that I can just grab the correct box when cooking and have all the supplies I need.

Ah, I feel so much better!


Unknown said...


I just wanted to pop over and say thanks for your comment on my blog.

Imagine my surprise to find that you are a hoarder too! I don't know about you, but I just can't help myself.

Good for you, sorting things out! I have all manner of things in storage that I just can't bear to throw away. Ah well, maybe someday...

Hayley said...

At least you got it organized! John is a total hoarder- he's got crap sitting around from 20 years ago. I'm not even exaggerating. Maybe I'll take pics of his office and all the boxes in our garage and post them, for your amusement :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Hayley, can you believe that after all that cleaning I did I went down to the mailbox today and there was a brand new phone book? I can't win!
Can't wait for those pictures ;-)

Helene said...

OMG, I love the tupperware containers for the baking supplies!! One of my cabinets is a total mess, full of disorganized baking supplies and what not. I can't believe I never thought to do that!!

I like the way you organized everything else too, esp the spices. I can never find anything so I end up buying another spice thinking I'm out of it but then I end up finding 2 more just like it when I really spend the time to dig through it!!

Molly said...

wow, that spice rack is great!

Found your blog through the Happy Runner, that's great you're in the NYC marathon this year! I did the lottery, not high hopes but thought it was worth a shot!

warren said...

I dig that spice rack! Great idea and great use of space!