Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why Bananas Mean Love

I have always hated bananas.  It's not just the texture.  It's the smell.  It's the taste.  I can't even eat the banana flavored Runts candies.  They seriously gross me out.  It's one of the only foods I dislike.  I wish I liked bananas.  I feel like a traitor being a runner and hating bananas.  They're at every race.  They're full of potassium and so good for recovery.  Alas, it's not going to happen.

That doesn't mean my boys can't like them though.  There's always hope, right?  I made my second batch of baby food yesterday.  Four bananas and about an ounce and a half of breastmilk:
Just the picture of bananas makes me shudder a little.  I definitely wouldn't do this for just anyone.

After mixing for about 5 minutes:

Paul walked through the kitchen while I was mixing the bananas.  The smell was so pungent that I'd pulled my shirt up over my face to try to block it out.  He thought this was hilarious.  Meanwhile, I'm going to need therapy.

The bananas made 2 trays.  Eight bananas at Sam's was $1.42 and since I only used half of them, it ended up costing me a mere .71 cents to make all this baby food.  And maybe I'll build up a tolerance to bananas so that next time it'll be easier.  I kind of doubt it, though.

As for Pierce, no bananas for him.  Instead, we had a celebration of Bob Marley's birthday (it really is today).  Pierce just loves Bob Marley.  We made special brownies.  But they are not specialNone of that around here!

Pierce keeps dancing around saying, "I'M GETTING SPECIAL BROWNIES!"  This makes Paul and I laugh.  We're kind of immature.  ;-)
Feel free to send this on to Cake Wrecks.  Whoever knew I can't even manage to draw a decent peace sign?


Anonymous said...

Your dad says you eat LinLIn's banana pudding.

Hayley said...

Bwahahahahahaha! Now let's hope he doesn't bring up his "special" brownies in front of like-minded strangers!

Anonymous said...

So, how are the twins coming along with the rice cereal? We had our first go at it today and I'm not sure Isla swallowed any of it! :)

When do you plan to introduce the sweet potatoes and bananas?

Mama Goose said...

Man, I hate bananas too. I feel like a runner failure. Taste, smell, texture, everything. I think I maxed out as a kid and haven't recovered. And what did I crave during pregnancy? Bananas... unfortunately, I didn't LIKE them any better. Ugh.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Hey Cameron, the twins are doing okay. Reid, as in all things involving food, is the better eater. But it takes a while to get just a tbsp. worth in them. You can introduce a new food every 3 days, so we have done rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and avocado so far. These foods (along with bananas, pears, peas and applesauce) are all good first foods from what I've heard.