Saturday, April 17, 2010

Christmas in April

Today is the day of the Roanoke Valley Parents of Multiples Resale (and I have to be there at 7 but am up early to get my blog in).  I spent yesterday helping them set up.  It's intensive!  Lots of carrying and lugging of clothing racks, setting them up, rearranging of things, hanging of wouldn't believe how much work could go into a yard sale.  But it's awesome because it ends up being so well organized thanks to all that work and planning.  One of the member perks is getting to shop the night before the sale.

So here I am with empty totes, ready to browse:
Paul has a habit of chopping off the top of my head in every.single.picture he takes of me.  Passive aggressive?  If you're consistently chopping off the head of your wife, what does this mean?  It can't be good, eh? 

Look at all this beautiful organization:

And is more, so much more!

Here is what I ended up bringing home:

Pierce is about all things Diego right now.  So I knew he'd love, love, love Diego's treehouse.  It sings the songs and everything.  Of course, when I got home Cort and Reid were also very interested in Diego's treehouse.  So I got to mediate lots of sharing.

I also got Pierce this bouncy ball jumper for outside.

And for the twins, a second Graco Pack N Play.  We have a camping trip next month and needed another.

And here's a pic of all the odds and ends:

Diego's talking backpack with rescue supplies, Dora's mini playground, Tuck's aquarium, Linny's aquarium, and Ming Ming's aquarium (I couldn't very well only pick ONE of them!), a stroller activity bar (there were two, but we already have one from Pierce), two 3T rash guards from Old Navy, a 3T Rolling Stones shirt, an Old Navy fishing style shirt, a pair of 12 month pants, Brother Bear DVD, Disney Dinosaur DVD, a Janie and Jack sun hat, 2 Diego t-shirts size 3T, and a Gone Fishing shirt.
Total damage of everything = $88.50
And the first thing I did was go hide all the toys except the treehouse and bouncy ball.
Those will be doled out very carefully over the following weeks (you know, saving them for rainy days when mommy's going to lose her mind ;-))
Okay, off to get dressed and head off to 'work'!


Anonymous said...

Oh man! You go so much stuff for $88. Don't you love yardsales? I can't wait to play with that Diego treehouse! Of course, I never get to be Diego. I always get stuck with being Alicia.

Steve Surratt said...

That does look like a lot of work. Regarding getting your head cut off....well...I'm pretty sure their are a few studies proving we men are not good at framing that's it! :-)

Mama Goose said...

Maybe he cuts your head off because he is too busy looking at your legs? ;)