Monday, April 19, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Leftovers Rock!

Today's theme for Muffin Tin Monday is Leftovers Rock.  They do in my house...we eat a LOT of leftovers!
Sugar snap peas, a tiny piece of stuffing/sausage quiche, a germ, spanish rice with cherry tomatoes, a heart shaped piece of ham, and cooked apples (cooked from our apple tree and frozen last fall - they still taste just as fresh as straight off the tree).
Wait.  Back up.
A germ, you say?
Yes, a germ.  Circa late 80s.
It's a leftover of sorts.
A leftover toy from my childhood.
I used to collect them and they came in test tubes.  Sadly, the test tube is long gone, but I still have two germs floating around :-)
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Jeremi said...

I always get fun food ideas from your MTM posts! Looks yummy -- and the germ is a great addition : )

Unknown said...

How wonderful to have your own apples to eat! The germ is cute.

Unknown said...

Leftover toys..just BRILLIANT!!!

w said...

i didn't do a mtm today. i didn't get a chance. but i clicked all the way over here... and what did i get?

confusion. that's what. i mean.

1st - great tin.
2nd - a germ?
3rd - where's elvis?
4th - you changed your banner.
5th - where's elvis!

oh my gosh. he better not be leftovers...

Kelly said...

I love the germ! How fun.

Treasure said...

I love the Germ! I need to get one of those..My 3yo DS always says, "germs and bugs" when I ask him, "what do you want for lunch" I would love to get a "germ" to put on a plate or in a tin for him..what a great picture. Thanks for sharing!

~LKB said...

LOL Love the germ! Too cute! I am drooling over the apples though! I wish I had an apple tree!